What do you do when you get a big jar of Nutella. And big I mean 1 kg, so yes B I G! I had some goji berries and sunflower seeds left and taraa my idea was born.

Its not even a real recipe, but I wanted to share it anyways. Lovely to serve your guests while sipping on some coffee or tea during the holidays.
nutella pops

Recipe for Nutella Pops

3 TBsp of Nutella
1 TBsp of Butter
Sunflower seeds
Goji Berries

Melt your Nutella hazelnut paste with he butter.
You can do this au bain marie or microwave it till it melts.
If it doesn’t become nice and smooth, and in 1 tsp of hot water. This will help smooth up your mixture again.
Add in enough sunflower seeds (I used about 3 hands full) and goji berries (I used about 2 hands full) and mix well.
On a baking tray lay some baking paper.
Leave some Goji berries to sprinkle on top and make little pops, by scooping some mixture on to the baking tray.
Tuck in a little wooden stick and leave in the fridge for about 2 hours till they’ve hardened.

PS: You can substitute the Nutella for real dark chocolate, but then I wouldn’t add in butter.

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nutella pop