Its been numerous times I have made this and included it in the recipes. Maybe easier to just create a separate post with this recipe so I can refer to it all the time 😉 You can easily make it up front and keep it in the fridge. I always have it ready to make a Bun Cha Gio salad or the Cauliflower salad or as a dipping sauce for the Goi Cuon

nuoc mam ingred

Nuoc Mam dipping sauce


1 chili peper
1 clove of garlic
3 TBsp sugar
4 TBsp fish sauce
1 lime
5 TBsp warm water
[Otional: 1/2 tsp chili powder]

First start with grinding the chili and sugar together and then add in the garlic.

In a little bowl combine fish sauce, lime juice, water and add in the chili sugar garlic mix.
Taste and add more flavor to your liking.

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