Every year, me and my girls have a girly weekend. So no kids, no BFs or Hubbies allowed on this trip. We decided to do this because we are all living in different cities and the times we do get together, its pretty hectic and you don’t really get to talk and update each other on stuff that goes on. So last year, we went to Lisboa and had so much fun. We really enjoyed ourselves, talked for hours and had loads of QT. To keep things manageable we decided, we would go abroad one year and stay at home the next.

As I was browsing online, I managed to find the cutest little house, perfect for a girls weekend. I suggested it to friend P (who is the initiator of this little project of ours) and she was super enthusiastic. As this was a very popular house, we did not tell the others yet. First we looked up the calendar and saw that basically everything was fully booked till the end of the year. < YES, its that popular>. Still I emailed them and asked if the one weekend in October that was in option, was bookable yes or no. Gladly after some emailing we got that spot. We told the others and they were just as exited that we were going to stay at “Het huisje van hout” in Noordwijk.

Finally the weekend arrived and we really enjoyed our stay there! Look at the pictures and judge for yourself. Cute he! Tamira,  the owner, really put an effort in to every little detail.
living  Huisje van Hout accessories  Huisje van Houtchairs  Huisje van Hout keuken  Huisje van Hout kitchen 1  Huisje van Hout ontbijtje Huisje van Hout  bedroom  Huisje van Houtbedroom 2  Huisje van Hout 
First stop, Jackie Cafe. Where we had some lunch and chatted for ours. What a cool place! New conceptstore in town where you can shop and if your done have some food or sweets. I really liked the fact that when you ask for a Latte Macchiato, Mo really takes it to the next level. You get your foamed up milk with and at your table, he pours in the coffee. A little show and the way your supposed to get it in Italy. As friend C joined us later on, we also shared some sweets and had some more tea. A def must go to if your visiting town.

Time to go and see what the house looked like and as we wanted to watch the Voice of Holland, we decided to stay in and do groceries ourselves. To keep it simple we decided to make a salad and have some pizzas with some good quality wine. In another post I will share the recipe of the spinach salad with you guys.

2 jackie cafe Noordwijk1 jackie cafe Noordwijk
jackie cafe desserts
In the morning we had a long breakfast and way over our reserved time, we headed over to Beach Club Lodge Noordwijk (normally Beach club Branding during the summer months). They had a table ready for us in minutes and it was nice to see how they turned the beach place in to a cozy wintery hotspot. Fire places, good food and even better drinks on the menu. We all ordered a burger and enjoyed our food while we chatted away.

lodge noordwijk inside lodge noordwijk drankjes burger lodge noordwijk
After that we headed over to the house, cooked again and got dressed to go out and about in Noordwijk. We had drinks at Nieuw Zand but also wanted to do some dancing. We ended up at ‘t Zeepaardje, not the best place, but good enough to dance for an hour  or so and have some good laughs.

We had so much fun and next year we are going to I-B-I-Z-A. To be continued!