Moët & Chandon is the champagne I grew up with. My mom would buy us champagne for special occasions, but always stayed true to her favorite brand: Moët & Chandon. We would have it for birthdays, personal achievements and whenever we had a dammn good excuse to buy such a beauty.

To give you an example; when I took my leap of faith last year,  it was more than normal that we would celebrate with a special bottle. The BF had arranged that an ice cold bottle of Moët & Chandon Rose Vintage 2004 was waiting for me. We ordered sushi from my favorite spot here in Utrecht (Kyushu) and celebrated this special moment in style.
leap of faith dinner

So when I recently got an invite to attend a very special lunch and I was allowed to bring my BF all I could think was YEs, YES and YES. The BF arranged a day off and on monday morning, we got ready to travel to Restaurant Wiesen in Eindhoven. It sure was not your ordinary trip; we sat down in a BMW 7 series and got transported to the Restaurant. Very pleasant experience.

I wish every monday could start like this. For sure it would make me skip Blue Mondays, thats for sure. We got welcomed with a nice glass of Vintage Rose 2006 and the mood was set. I could go on and on and tell you about the 2 last bottles of 1999 Vintage Rose we drank (yes..the last two bottles in the whole wide world!), but I think its better if you just check out the pictures of our wonderful lunch we had at Restaurant Wiesen in Eindhoven.

Be sure to get a Moet & Chandon Vintage Rose 2006 bottle as they are limited and very popular.
moet chandon vintage rose 2006table setting Restaurant WiesenGRAND CRU VINTAGE 2006 MOET EN CHANDON VALENTIJN Charlotte Kropholler Photography_CRK1363

GRAND CRU VINTAGE 2006 MOET EN CHANDON VALENTIJN Charlotte Kropholler Photography_CRK1443
1999 vintage rose moet chandon

beet salad



Love dessert MOET lunch

GRAND CRU VINTAGE 2006 MOET EN CHANDON VALENTIJN Charlotte Kropholler Photography_CRK1551

great memory

 Pictures made by me and Charlotte Kopholler