I was lucky again..yes lucky 😉 I got to experience a great wine tasting and dinner event. We were a group of 6 so it was very intimate and we were spoiled quite a bit.

L’Exception Lenselink imports wines from the Italian winery Masi, well known for their Amarone wine selection. Together with the Marriott hotel in Amsterdam they organized a dinner at the Midtown Grill. Paola Barberi, exportmanager from Masi wines, hosted the dinner and explained to us the whole idea of the wine we had with a specific course.

We were spoiled with the following menu and wines
Masianco Pinot Grigio paired with Green asparagus velouté, peppered prawn tails and Parma chips
Valpolicella Monte Piazzo paired with Risotto, foie gras, caramelized onion and Stravecchio
Mazzano Amarone Classico paired with 12 hour braised Short Ribs, chive crushed potatoes and white sesame spinach
Casal dei Ronchi Recioto Classico paired with Classic New York Cheesecake, raspberry sauce and slightly spiced 75% Valrhona chocolate sauce.
Masi Wine tasting Culinessa 2  Masi Wine tasting Culinessa 3 Masi Wine tasting Culinessa 4
I loved the Manzano Amarone Classico, one of their top wines. Why? Because it has a deep and rich flavor. Very powerful wine, but still a very soft cherry bouquet when touching your taste buds. Amazing! Paola told us this wine was like a smart person with quite a difficult personality. You need to get it. Well ladies and gents, I got it! I asked what beautiful combinations you can make and Paola said this wine was perfect for dinner with meat or older cheeses like Parmigiano and Pecorino.

The winner of the evening, to me personally, was dessert: wine and dish were both absolute perfection. Without a doubt one of the best cheese cakes I have ever had accompanied by a fabulous wine. Seriously, this cheesecake was divine: nice subtle flavors and then when eating with the chocolate sauce, a touch of spiciness came my way. Hmmmm..Ok, so now back to the wine: A Casal dei Ronchi Recioto Classico, very intense deep flavor of cherries and walnuts. Sweet, but not too sweet. This wine is perfect for, yes you guessed correct, desserts, but also perfect for pairing with a nice Gorgonzola.

Want to know more about these wines and where you can buy them?
Check out www.masi.it and http://www.seregoalighieri.it/