So there is a first for everything. This was the most liked picture on Facebook. And you all wanted to know how to make this recipe. In Dutch we say: “u roept, wij draaien” which means something like “you ask for it, so we provide”. When eating Chinese at a restaurant,  this is a dish I order in a two variations. Either with shrimps or with squid. As we recently bought quite a lot of squid and we were cooking for my sweet sister, we thought lets go the extra mile. We were making vegetable potstickers, chop suey, steamed fish, pork stew and the salt and pepper squid.

As this was an experiment and we did not know if it would be a success, we just put the ingredients we thought necessary together and Yes! We nailed it. From now on we make our own Chinese salt and pepper squid. Its so easy, seriously, any one can do it.

chinese salt pepper squid

Chinese Salt and Pepper squid

100 gram of Corn flower
50 gram of Potato flour
1 Tbsp of 5 spices powder
1 Tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of salt
Finely ground pepper
2 cleaned and washed squid hoods (you can also use shrimps)

For garnishing
1 clove of garlic – finely grated
1 chili pepper – finely sliced
1 spring onion – finely sliced

Heat up a pan with enough oil.
In a bowl mix in corn flower, potato flour, 5 spices, sugar and salt & pepper. Set aside.
Take your cleaned squid hoods and divide them into two parts lengthwise.
You should now gently carve the inside of the squid horizontally and vertically with a normal (dinner) knife. Don’t carve too shallow as they will not curl up otherwise when you fry them, but also don’t cut trough the squid.
Cut the squid in to smaller pieces and add to the bowl with the flower mixture. Mix in well and massage the squid in to the flower. Make sure to remove the remaining flour before frying it.
You should now fry your squid golden brown. I suggest you try one and taste it to see if you are missing salt to your taste. Be aware that its a pretty fast frying process as you do not want the squid to turn into gum. Make sure you don’t fry to many squid at once, as this will lower the temperature of the oil.
Drain the fried squid on a paper towel and transfer to a serving bowl.
At last you add in the spring onion, chili pepper and the garlic.

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