So I already told you guys about my date with mr Ottolenghi in Islington, but that was not all that I did..

After lunch, we walked along side the Regents canal. Lot of home boats and cuties having lunch on top of the roof. What I thought was funny is that you walk along side the canal for quite some time and then all of the sudden you feel like you are in Madrid, having tapas and drinking some ice cold beers or cocktails. You name it and they have it. Really funny to see and of course in London style we had some Pims at Ribeira. We also had some of their artisan bread that was freshly made, hot out of the oven and melted on your tongue when eating.

IMG 9112 e1403899521209 300x300 - London, my foodie townIMG 9110 e1403899130707 300x300 - London, my foodie townIMG 9111 300x300 - London, my foodie town
While sitting there and having drinks enjoying the Sun, we decided we needed to go and have some more food. But only to snack! Thats when we decided we would go for, at least according to C, the best ribs in town called Dukes Brew and Que. So we went walking again and arrived at this American Gastropub where some cool ladies took us to a table, sat us down and offered us their menu. Yes we were all having a home brewed beer for sure! I went for a Brussels white blonde and C and I ordered some fresh pork ribs smoked over hickory and apple cherry wood, served with slaw. We also ordered fried pickles with a garlic remoulade dipping sauce to share. I just have to share with you the Pork belly J ordered. Food porn all over the place.
IMG 9105 e1403897639497 300x300 - London, my foodie townIMG 9106 e1403897853317 300x300 - London, my foodie townIMG 9108 300x300 - London, my foodie town
Ok so you can imagine how stuffed we were right? So we decided to go for a walk and have drinks to celebrate the fun sunday we were having. After a 20 minute walk we ended up in this really cute little Mexican bar called Viva where you could sit in a nice garden. Officially they are not a cocktail bar, but a tapas bar, but we just wanted to drink. The waitress accommodated but we had to order some tortilla chips with salsa verde and  I had a strawberry mojito. We had the best conversations and I don’t know if it was the environment or the cocktails that were just perfect! After that time to zzz.

IMG 9113 e1403903132430 1024x1024 - London, my foodie townThe next morning I slept in and woke up longing for some dim sum from the one and only Yauatcha. So I did some work and around lunch time headed over to have me some Prawn and Bean curd Cheung Fun. There is no one who makes dim sum like they do and their Cheung fun is just amazing. I always wonder how they do it, cause its soft on the outside, then crunchy and to finish of soft juicy shrimp again!? Do you get it?  It still keeps me thinking. I also had a cocktail “Tokyo cooler” that was made with lemongrass, raspberry, elderflower, peach juice and guava juice. It looks super nice don’t you think? Almost a pity to drink it. But I did. As I was alone, I couldn’t order to much, but I did order Sticky rice in lotus leaf with chicken and dried shrimp and King crab Shanghai siew long bun with pork. This is a dumpling containing a filling and soup and when made to perfection brings you right to 7th heaven.

IMG 9120 e1403905415164 300x300 - London, my foodie townIMG 9115 e1403905276805 1024x1024 - London, my foodie townIMG 9121 e1403906027417 300x300 - London, my foodie town
My last dinner in London was spent at the popular Vietnamese restaurant “House of Ho“. Chef Bobby Chinn created a menu that was completely out of the box mixing culinary worlds with a Vietnamese basis. We had ceviche, a crab and pomelo salad, shaken beef, 5 spices fried squid served with a nuoc mam sauce, bbqd chili chicken wings, kang kung, grilled aubergine with a scallion oil and deep fried shallots, pork belly and some super caramelized lemongrass chicken. Loved the food, loved the cocktails and bought the cookbook! [Sorry bout the bad quality pictures, but the lighting was superbad]
IMG 9116 e1403905345916 300x300 - London, my foodie town IMG 9122 e1403906426318 300x300 - London, my foodie town
On Tuesday I woke up and headed to do some final grocery shopping at Whole foods. This shop is just too much and I really had to stop myself from buying everything that caught my attention. Glad to be back home with some of these foodie souvenirs though.
IMG 9114 e1403904079745 1024x1024 - London, my foodie town

Before take off I met cousin R to have the best burger in town supposedly. In Amsterdam, the beef chief  is my burger chief, so I was very curious to see this notorious burger joint, but honest to say it did not let me down. At Patty & Bun they make juicy freshly made burgers. I had a classic cheese burger with fries and the cherry coke just completed the meal. Fully stuffed and content I headed over to London City airport. London you were good to me once again! I will be back for sure..until next.

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