We are back in Holland, but there is still something on my mind I want to share.  One thing you just cant miss out on while visiting Curacao is Plasa Bieu. It is a classic place, where ladies wearing aprons cook you the best Krioyo food there is. They are called the “mamas”. During lunch the working people from Curacao come here to have some food and then head back to the office with a satisfied tummy ready to finish of the second part of their work day. Classical dishes like fried fish with tomatoes and cornmeal (Piska Kora), chicken stew (Galina Stoba) with brown rice and pika and okra soup (Jambo) are an absolute must. Oh and not to forget the nice Awa di lamunchi, Fria or Coco rico for some refreshment.

Besides almost evaporating completely, we had a DUSHI lunch!!! When I am back at home, I will try to recreate some of the dishes to have u experience it yourself.

IMG_20131101_124424  Plaza Bieu  IMG_20131101_125014
Ayo for now

Plasa Bieu
Waaigatplei, Punda
Open till 15hr