A while ago, I was invited to go and attend a Blogger2Meet event, where you get to meet fellow bloggers Live. We do know each other, but then digitally; this initiative is a nice way to see the face behind the Blog or behind that Social Media account.

We gathered at a really cool spot, called InStock Pop Up Restaurant (open till may 2015) where they try to do something about Food Waste. We don’t realize it but there is a lot of waste going on in the Netherlands. Per person, we throw away about 50 kilo’s a year (yes that adds up to about 30%). Imagine how many people we are here in the Netherlands and what that means in terms of wasting.

Another thing we’ve come accustomed to is wanting all of our groceries (think vegetables and meat) to look a certain way. That ladies and gents is something that causes a lot of waste in supermarkets too. Restaurant InStock is one that really tries to do something to turn it into something positive.

One of the partners they’ve teamed up with is Albert Heijn. Together they rescue food that doesn’t look perfect, but is perfectly fine to consume. Every day they get an amount of food that’s just been rescued and come up with a daily menu. This forces them to be creative with whatever they have. I’ve experienced doing so at the Blogger2Meet where I teamed up with Danielle from Food, Love and Happiness to come up with the perfect dip sauce to accompany Farm Brother crackers. At first we were thinking, “oh we can make this or that, but then realized oh no, we need to work with whatever we have. Even though it was quite a challenge, we did come up with and amazing flavor combo. Our hot tomato, red pepper salsa paired perfectly with the rosemary crackers from Farm Brothers.
daan en nessa  restaurant rescue stove  holy salsa
Not only can you join them for dinner every day and have brunch there BUT they’ve recently launched two new initiatives: InStock Toko, a take away shop, where you can get grilled cheese sandwiches, hot meals, soups and freshly squeezed juices and an InStock food truck. This food truck is going to drive around the country and promote their no waste initiative and of course you’ll be able to spot them at the food festivals too (more details via info@instock.nl).

Watch out for them and join the NO WASTE movement by showing some love!

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InStock Pop Up Restaurant (mei 2015)
Westergasterrein, Polonceaukade 9
P: 00 31 649 71 22 61

Instock Toko
Ferdinand Bolstraat 88
1072 LN Asmterdam