So the other day, I had an appointment with the mini and decided I would be wise. Especially with my no waste challenge going on, I thought I would make lunch ahead and bring it with me to the appointment. Of course I wanted to have something nice for lunch, so after checking the cabinets I knew it: I would be making the famous pasta salad two of my best friends spoil us with whenever we go sailing along the canals in Amsterdam. They are Italian, Sicilian to be specific, and everything I learned about Italian cooking, I learned from them. Including this amazing pasta salad. I made the salad and brought it with me in the lunchbox Elipse from Rosti Mepal. A true winner as you can bring everything separate and your salad tastes as if you just made it at home.

IMG 5407 e1411296413633 1024x1024 - Italian Pasta salad + Give away Rosti Mepal

Recipe for an Italian Pasta Salad

~2 ppl
150 gr Pasta (casareccia/ penne/fusilli)
1 can Tuna in olive oil
50 gr Cherry tomatoes
50 gr Green olives sliced
16 Orrechiette Mozarella
2 TBsp Capers
Salt and pepper
2 TBsp roasted pine nuts

Cook the pasta according to the package. Drain and set aside.

Cut up your cherry tomatoes in quarts.
Add in all ingredients except for the pine nuts and mix well.
Season with salt and pepper.
If desired, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil.
When serving, sprinkle the pine nuts on top.
I also serve the Italian pasta salad it with some bread.

IMG 5410 e1411298894807 1024x1024 - Italian Pasta salad + Give away Rosti Mepal

As you guys know I am celebrating my first blog anniversary this week <H O O R A Y>, so I have a little surprise for you guys. Together with Rosti Mepal, I am giving away 2 sets of my perfect lunch attributes: the lunchbox to go Elipse and the Justwater drink bottle.  Why are they so perfect to me? Because I love to make my own flavored water and the bottle is transparant so a little feast to the eyes. The Elipse lunchbox makes it super easy to bring anything to lunch. It has 2 layers, so you can divide where you store what and it comes with a nice little box for dressings or nuts or whatever you want to keep separate ;). The elastic band makes sure nothing moves.

Rosti Mepal has been producing durable plastic products for eating and drinking for over 60 years. We all know their famous drink bottles and lunch boxes for children (I was obsessed with the Hello Kitty line and bought it for my babygirl), the kitchen supplies, storage boxes, but they also have nice table ware! I am currently obsessed with the pebbles line, but only need to convince the BF.

IMG 5408 e1411296620935 1024x1024 - Italian Pasta salad + Give away Rosti Mepal

Give away
Now who wants to win one of these? I am giving away 2 sets! Its pretty easy if you ask me, all I want is for you to:
1. Let me know what you would be making in the lunchbox (not the Italian Pasta salad!) and in the water bottle.
2. Use a valid email address so I’ll be able to contact you easily.
3. Optional, but nice if you would also follow me on Facebook , Instagram or Bloglovin .

Start thinking about the colors you’d like to have too 😉 You have till October 26 to join. If you can’t wait and want to buy one? You can buy both products in the recently opened webshop.

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