Whenever I think of pesto, I go back to the time where I really didn’t like pesto genovese (green pesto made with basil). I am still not a big fan, unless its made fresh and in front of my nose. I will probably never make it myself, but if my friend P prepares it, I will eat it for sure! Like I said before, my sweet Italian friends introduced me to the wonderful world of authentic Italian cooking and since the day I learned how to make my own pesto, I will never ever buy the store bought one again. Never say never, but I prefer not to. 

As I am not really a fan of pesto made with basil, I do make a lot of different versions. Today I tell you guys about my favorite, Arugula Pesto! I really like the smell that comes through when making it and I eat it just like that and add some freshly grated Parmigiano cheese and some roasted pine nuts. If I want to add some meat to this dish, I’d grill chicken fillet and tara you’ll eat like a king!

IMG 6212 1024x1024 - Italian fave: Rucola Pesto aka Arugula Pesto

Recipe for Arugula Pesto aka Rucola Pesto

~ serves 4 
75 gr Arugula

50 gr Pine nuts
40 gr Parmesan cheese  – grated
8 TBsp of Olive oil
1 clove of Garlic

Salt and Pepper

In a food processor, chop up pine nuts and garlic fine.
Add in the arugula till you get the desired structure.
Season with salt and pepper.
Next you add in the parmesan cheese and finish off with adding olive oil.
Mix and your ready to use your pesto!

I mix it with freshly cooked spaghetti and a lump of butter. I then lay it on a handful of arugula, roasted pine nuts and some extra parmesan cheese.

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IMG 6213 1024x1024 - Italian fave: Rucola Pesto aka Arugula Pesto