So I have to share with you a tip 😉 Yes a tip for this hot summer weather we’ve got going on. Make your own ice tea, very easy! I used the tea called Pink Fizz from the Tea Bar, but of course you can vary as much as you like. I don’t have real measurements, but use a hint of sugar, hot water and a kick ass Personalitea. I love it! Now go and rush to the Tea Bar as hot weather call for Pink Fizz ice tea.

culinessa ice tea pink fizz

I will try more combinations and will then share it with you guys.

For now, if you want to buy it too, check out de Tea Bar in Amsterdam, or visit their new online webshop and buy it here.

Culinessa Pink Fizz

Enjoy the weather guys!

Tea Bar
Haarlemmerdijk 71
1013 KC Amsterdam
T: 020 – 62 33 211

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