As this dish was so popular on my Instagram account, I also promised in my post about the Girls weekend I would be sharing with you the recipe for this easy peasy healthy spinach salad. And is the day.

So how did we come up with this salad? As we wanted to eat light and not make to much of a fuss on what we would be eating, we decided to go for Pizza’s. Some of us were very eager to get the right amount of veggies so this was a nice compromise. I did barter to put in some avocados and pomegranate. Together we created a master piece. Hope you like the recipe!

So during the weekend, we had the salad without croutons, but I like to add in a bit crunch, so up to you to put them in or not.

IMG 8276 1024x1024 - Healthy Spinach salad

Recipe for a Healthy Spinach salad

~ serves 4
225 gr of Spinach leafs

1 pomegranate – cleaned
2 avocados – peeled and cubed
2 thick slices of bread
20 gr Gorgonzola dolce
2 TBsp Olive oil

I used two slices of bread, cut them up and placed them on an oven tray.
Drizzled them with some olive oil and salt.
I baked them for about 10 minutes on 175 C.
Next, put your spinach in a bowl and add the olive oil and mix wel.
Season with salt.
Add in the Pomegranate, gorgonzola and avocado.
Finally top with the croutons.

Looks festive doesn’t it? It sure made me happy. Perfect to have with some fish or grilled meat too.

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