Who has a bucket list regarding food? Me…me…me…me…;) On my list, I have a number of things I want to do, but when I recently saw Heinz.nl newest campaign it got me thinking.
IMG 2892 1024x1024 - Have you heard about the Heinz 57 Foodlist?Last week Heinz launched their newest campaign: A foodlist where they share 57 food related things you must do once in your life. Number one on the Heinz 57 foodlist is ofcourse..visiting the Ultimate foodie place. Yes..your right: New York.

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On my own list, I’ve included the following things:
– Visit Japan, Tokyo and have sushi at Jiro (Yes the sushi master from Jiro, Dreams of sushi);
– Eat at the best restaurant in the world, Noma in Copenhagen;
– Visit to food markets and festivals in the whole world;
– Do a culinary workshop at Le Cordon Bleu;
– Host my own cooking show where I interview talented chefs and we cook together;
– Publish my own cookbook once.

Did I get you thinking on what to put on your own foodlist? I’d suggest you visit the Heinz.nl site and fill in your top 3 of things you have on your food bucket list and maybe you’ll get lucky and win that completely organised food trip of your dreams. Wouldn’t that be just awesome? Lunching at the The butchers daughter or just chill with a pretzel enjoying the view of the Brooklyn bridge, eat the best hotdog down town or visit a New York Yankees match? Gosh..do you want me to continue?

Join in and win that trip via this link on the Heinz site!IMG 0655 1024x683 - Have you heard about the Heinz 57 Foodlist?