Even though I have lots of cookbooks and I am able to find information online nowadays, sometimes you just want to taste something you already know. Today it was the Moksi Alesi my grandmother always makes. She basically tells you that this dish is better when there is actually nothing in it. Less is definitely more in this dish. In order for me to make it, I called her and she explained to me step by step what I had to do. It is such a pity I could not go to her and make it with her as we don’t live in the same country. Thank god for Skype! Oke now back to cooking..

Dish: Moksi Alesi
150 gr of black eyed peas, cooked through in water but not mushy/overdone.
1 smoked chicken tigh, I cut it into 6 smaller pieces
1 tomato, skin removed and cut into cubes
About 1 thumb of  salted meat, called “zoutvlees” in Dutch
3 cups of jasmin rice, uncooked
2 tablespoons of concentrated coconut cream

You start by cooking your beans in water til they are almost completely soft. Drain and set aside.
In another pan, you add a tablespoon of oil, the smoked chicken, tomatoes and the salted meat. Fry for a few minutes until the tomatoes start creating a sauce. Turn of the heat and set aside.
Place your rice in the rice cooker and wash it. Use the rice measuring cup to add 3 cups of water.
Add the coconut cream, the meat mixture, the beans to the rice cooker and cook rice accordingly.
When your rice cooker goes from cook to warm. Pull the plug and mix your rice well and add some salt if necessary.

Fried plantains
Sliced cucumber
Sliced tomatoes
Some hot sauce

Njang Switie!