IMG 20131113 214020 300x300 - Exploring China: A culinary adventure
After being tipped by my cousin on a beautiful documentary she watched on the BBC, I googled it and stumbled upon this nice piece of culinary art. The documentary tells the story through the eyes of Ken Hom and Chin He Huang who discover China together. They visit different regions, talk to locals, eat amazing food, cook and laugh a lot. Because I have been sick and had some time to relax and watch some shows, I decided to look at the series. Man o man, I can´t wait till this cough is over and I can dig in to some of the recipes I saw. I watched the first episode a while ago and I enjoyed watching it together with the BF and it got us cooking immediately.  Read all about it in this post here.

You can watch all 4 episodes of this wonderful documentary on YouTube.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

On the website of the BBC, you can see a number of the recipes cooked in each episode.
They also have a cookbook available where you can cook 100 of the recipes seen in the 4 episodes. I saw it in a book store and its now on my wish list!