Sometimes you come up with brilliant ideas right? Ha well sorry for being so arrogant, but this my friends is worth it. I had miss Monocrafft visiting us and having some Vietnamese food for dinner at our place. And if you’ve been following my blog, you know that I am not a real baking/ dessert person, but every now and then I like to make a little something something. As I made Vietnamese food that day, I thought ending dinner in style would be nice. So as I make a lot of Banh Khot, which I will talk about in another post, it inspired me to come up with a sweet version. The idea of making Dutch Poffertjes with a twist aka mini Asian pancakes was born. Now what makes them Asian? Well the combination of Pandan and Coconut, duuh! If you did not know, its because a lot of Asian desserts contain this magical combo. Think Indonesian Cendol, famous Pandan cake or even the Thai pandan and coconut jelly dessert. All of them combine pandan with coconut, so why not use it to make this Dutch classic with a twist.

IMG 4028 1024x1024 - Dutch Poffertjes Culinessa style

Recipe for the Dutch Poffertjes with an Asian twist aka Asian Poffertjes

Ingredients ~ 4 ppl
250 ml (1 small package) Aroy D coconut milk
200 ml water
200 gr rice flour
60 gr brown sugar
Pinch of Salt
1/4 tsp Pandan paste
Oil for frying
Indonesian Palm sugar [Gula Djawa]- to serve
1 Tbsp of grilled grated coconut – to serve

Start by mixing coconut milk, water, rice flour and a pinch of salt.

When smooth add in the pandan mixture and combine till you get a nice light green batter. If you want the color to pop more, add a little bit more paste.
Pour in to a squeeze bottle to make your life easier when frying the poffertjes.
Heat up a poffertjes pan (smoking hot) and brush with some oil.
Squeeze the batter into the little moulds and fry golden brown and then turn to the other side and fry again.
Serve with some grated coconut and drizzle some of the gula djawa syrup.

Believe me it is just too good!

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IMG 4552 1024x1024 - Dutch Poffertjes Culinessa style