As I was on holiday on the dushi Island of Curacao this summer, I got home with lots of ideas to cook and share with you guys. Lucky me I got home to a lot of foodpost and one of the things was a foodybox from Kroon op het werk that contained this absolutely pretty box of tomatoes called “honingtomaten“. I was thinking why not make something that combines multiple cuisines, reminds me of holidays I’ve had and then this snack came to my mind. I hope you like it just as much as I do! Last year I went on holiday in Spain and there me and the BF had tapas one night. One of the tapas we ate was fried cheese with a tomato marmelade. It was delish and we both said, we need to remember this and make it at home too! In Curacao, one of the national things they eat is “Funchi” almost similar to Polenta. I am absolutely in love with it the moment you fry it, so taraaaa..why not make Fried Funchi with a Tomato Marmelade.

fried funchi with tomato marmelade


Fried Funchi with Tomato Marmelade ~ snack for about 4 people

Fried funchi
Tomato marmelade
Parmesan Cheese – grated


When your funchi is fried golden brown, transfer to a plate and drain access fat.
Sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese on top.
Serve with the tomato marmelade.

Recipe for Funchi

200 gr of white Cornflower, I use the  P.A.N brand
450 ml of water
1 TBsp of butter
1 tsp of salt

In a pan, boil water and add in butter and salt.
When your water is boiling, slowly add in the cornflower bit by bit and continuously keep stirring as you don’t want any lumps.
Allow it to thicken before you turn down your heat and keep stirring.
Wet the  deep plate you’ll be using, to prevent the funchi from sticking to the bottom once its done.
After about 10 minutes your funchi is done and you can transfer it to a deep plate. Wet the plate you’ll be using, to prevent the funchi from sticking to the bottom once its done.
I always let it cool before I store it in the fridge covered with tinfoil.
The people from Curacao say you need to leave it for at least one day, but I just tend to wait until its hardened completely and cooled off.
Cut up your funchi and fry golden brown and crispy.

Recipe for the Tomato Marmelade

20 cherry tomatoes, cut in 4 smaller pieces
4 TBsp of sugar
25 ml water
2 tsp of salt
3 tsp of lemon juice

In a pan, add your cut up tomatoes and mix in the sugar completely.
Add in water and simmer on low heat and keep stirring so you don’t end up burning your sauce.
Ass the seeds are loosening up, I used a little sieve to get as many as possible out. Same for the skins of the tomatoes loosening.
When your tomatoes have softened, using a hand blender, slowly pulse to blend your tomatoes till you get a nice smooth mixture.
Add in salt and lemon juice .
For me it was perfect, but of course you can adjust the taste to your liking.

honingtomaten culinessa fried funchi tomato marmelade culinessa