After my mom and dad separated, our bond changed. Unfortunately, not for the better. One thing he did teach me was how to make his favorite omelette. So today, I share with you my dads omelette. Basically, this is his favorite and mine too, but of course you can vary as much as you want with whatever ingredients you have at hand.

Famous combinations are: spinach and goats cheese, cheese and bacon and with mushrooms. Of course a plain omelette will do just fine too.

Culinessa Dad Omelette

Omelette – Culinessa Dad style

3 Eggs
8 Shrimps – uncooked without shell
1/2 an Onion, chopped up
5 TBsp of milk
3 sprigs of flat leaf parsley – cut up
Spinach – optional
Butter (preferably Marigold from Suriname)

Wash shrimps, drain and cut up in small pieces.
Finely chop up onions, set aside.
In a bowl whisk eggs and add milk and keep on whisking. Set aside.
In a frying pan, melt enough butter and fry onions and shrimps until the shrimps become nice and pink and your onions are now translucent.
If you want to add in spinach, now is the time.
Pour your egg mixture into the pan and mix around to get your egg evenly spread.
When the omelette cooks and starts firming up, but is still a bit raw on top, add some salt n pepper and the flat leaf parsley.
Now use a spatula to loosen up the edges and flip over to one side; folding it in half.
Your done when your omelette is nice and golden brown.

You can eat it with some bread for late breakfast or lunch or with a salad for a lighter dinner meal.

Njang switie!