Even though the summer weather has passed a little on us, I would still like to share this recipe with you guys. It will get you in the summer mood immediately, I promise! 

I go to Curaçao on holiday almost every year (Read my post about Landhuis Dokterstuin, Plasa Bieu and Tastisfaction) because my sweet 95 year old grandmother lives there, so I know the island pretty well. One thing that I always need to get used to is the hot weather. The airconditioning is one thing to keep me cool and drinking a lots helps too. One of the Curaçao classics and very popular on the island is Awa di Lamunchi: a very refreshing drink made out of freshly squeezed limes, ice cold water and sugar.

If your ever on the Island, at beach club Aloha, bartender Mike wil make you the absolute best Awa di Lamunchi there is. With crushed ice and all. Maybe its his skills, maybe its emotional, but its damn good, thats for sure!

Awa di Lamunchi Culinessa

Recipe for Awa di Lamunchi ~ 1 liter

1 liter of ice cold water
3 limes
10 full teaspoons of sugar 
Ice cubes/ crushed ice

Squeeze out all of the juice of the lemons and combine with the sugar and the water.
Taste and add more sugar/lime juice to your liking.
Serve with some [crushed] ice.
You can also freeze it and serve as slush. 

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mike's awa di lamunchi aloha