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Picture taken by photographer Brett Russel

I am on holiday, but just had to tell you guys about a culinary adventure I had last sunday. I have known Tony for quite some years now and growing up in a kitchen house hold where both family sides loved to cook and everybody always came to their house to eat, I knew he had a love for cooking and that he also completed his studies to become a chef. As I am trying to find the hidden gems on the island of dushi Korsow I thought it would be nice to join him during one of his cooking events. Hidden or no hidden gem, I wanted to tell you guys about his company Tastisfaction!

Tastisfaction is a catering company, bringing you more than just your average dinner to the table. Whether it be a private or corporate event where there needs to be catered or even concept catering, Tony Soliana is your man. If you look at the logo, the fork symbolizes that Tastisfaction stands for perfection and passion for eating.

During his studies in Holland, Tony worked as a chef at the Art Hotel in Rotterdam, Netherlands and decided to take on an adventure and went to live in Spain, Barcelona to be specific where he worked for Can Fabes. A 3 Michelin star restaurant! He said working for chef Xavier Pellicer was a culinary highlight and almost felt like a dream as the chef is a mastermind, an artist when it comes down to cooking and watching him cook feels like magic. The way he thinks about food, how his mind works, absolutely amazing. He learned so much while working there, technically , but also creatively, that he has inspiration for years to thrive on. When asking him where he would still like to go to on a culinary trip, Spain was the first thing he said as the Spanish gastronomy has a special place in his heart and up un till today Xavier Pellicer is still his favorite chef of all times.

He returned back on the island after working at Can Fabes for 2 years and started cooking unofficially, but as business took on pretty fast, he needed a name and a logo and thats when Tastisfaction was born. That’s been two years and its been hard working, but he loves it and thats what counts.

To keep on top of things, he travels to visit culinary conventions, eats out a lot, but living on the island means you need to be creative. The love he has for eating and cooking helps a lot. Places that inspire locally are Kome and Baoase. Kome really makes an effort in trying to cook in a innovative way.

I asked him why he doesn’t cook typical Curacao food, but then give it the Tastisfaction twist, he said: “I would love to, but I would need some time to study the cuisine and as times are busier then ever, there is no time at the moment.” It is definitely on his culinary bucket list and I can’t wait for him to start.

So I had the opportunity to join him on Sunday, where he would be cooking at a private dinner. The dinner was taking place at an old estate. The atmosphere was very relaxed and I got a sneak peak of the things they do on a culinary basis. The menu consisted of two dishes and it was nice to see that Tony’s timing was perfect. Very relaxed atmosphere and when tasting the food you could feel that it was made with love.

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After spending an evening with Tony and Chris cooking, I can tell you that they are two very enthusiastic guys, obsessed with good food and they strive to deliver the best of the best. Settling for less is not an option. Tony has such a different way of cooking and brings his specialty to the island and people love it. Tastisfaction is here to stay and if your lucky, enjoy his food, cause man it was amazing! I see his dreams to become the number one caterer of the island and Aruba and Bonaire happening. No doubt in my mind that it is only a matter of time.

I got to enjoy the following dishes and they were divine! White fish grilled vegetables and Grilled Beef on a bed of Truffle potato mousseline served with grilled corn and asparagus.

IMG 9750 e1405036211734 1024x1024 - A culinary day in the life of Tony Soliana - Tastisfaction CURAÇAO IMG 9749 e1405036184471 1024x1024 - A culinary day in the life of Tony Soliana - Tastisfaction CURAÇAO

T +5999 517 55 15

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