Cold days have now kicked in, so time for candles, blankets and lots of tea. Today I share with you some tea news from Betjeman & Barton. 2 times a year they launch new teas and tins and this time they are inspired by christmas, winter and Chinese new year taking place on february 23.
betjeman barton 1024x1024 - Culi Tip: Beau-Teas from Betjeman & Barton
Christmas Tea
This tea has been part of the Betjeman and Barton selection for over 50 years. A black tea from China and Sri Lanka (mostly known as Ceylon tea) with caramel, pineapple, orange and marasquin ( liquor made with the marasca cherry). The recipe for this tea blend never changes, but they do come up with a special storing box that’s perfect to give as a christmas present. The moment you start making this tea, your room will fill up with caramel scents.

White Winter
As it’s december, days are colder and you need some comfort in your life. This new delicate tea is perfect to keep you warm during those days. The White Winter is an earl grey blend: white tea Paï Mu Tan combined with the fruity freshness of bergamot gives a delicate liquor. I just love the storing box they’ve come up with, a snow white furry coated tea box.

Chinese new year
February 23 next year, Chinese New Year will take place and because of that special occasion Betjeman & Barton have designed a special bibéron with the Chinese character Fú meaning fortune, luck and good things. This is a typical Chinese New Years wish and there are 2 special teas that suit the theme:
Mao Feng First Flush 2014 A beautiful green tea from the south east Chinese Province Anhui. A beautiful green tea with long thin leaves that give a sweet- flavored infusion and makes you long for spring.
Grand Szechwan
This tea comes from the Sichuan province, north of the province of Yunnan. This afternoon tea is best enjoyed without milk and because of its flavors perfect for tea connoisseurs.

As the Earl grey white is my favorite, here are some more pictures of this beautiful tea. A very subtle white tea with an Earl Grey flavor.
IMG 9096 1024x682 - Culi Tip: Beau-Teas from Betjeman & Barton IMG 9097 1024x682 - Culi Tip: Beau-Teas from Betjeman & Barton

You can buy all of the teas via the Betjeman & Barton website
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