The BF asked me if I could cook on mothers day. My first reaction was aaahuuummmmm NO! I am a mommy too, so I need to be spoiled and not do one thing that day, hah! Of course he then explained to me why and how could I ever say no. Sweet aunt S and K were arriving that day too and they love Thai food.  I am a daughter too and so I cooked for my mom and mother in law and also for our sweet Aunt S. and K and we just wanted to spoil them all. So Thai food it was. Besides this dish I also made them beef, chicken and veggies. We had lots of fun and laughter and our bellies were quite satisfied too.

In another post I promised to give you guys a recipe for my version of Thai Fish called Pla Sam Rod. This fish is nice and crispy and is accompanied by a fabulous sauce. Quite intense flavors but when eaten together magic happens! My sweet sister is the one who introduced me to the world of Thai cooking and also this dish. It brings back great memories of a get together we had at her house where she spoiled the whole family. I hope you will share this love and make this dish for your loved ones too.

pla sam rod culinessa

Recipe for Pla Sam Rod

600 gr fish fillet, for instance cod
2 TBsp of oyster sauce
10 TBsp of fish sauce
100 gr of brown sugar
1 lime
2 sjallots finely chopped
2 cloves of garlic
1 bunch of Coriander, chopped
Crispy fried shallots

In a pan start by adding some oil and garlic til it becomes golden brown.
Now add in your shallots and stir until nice and translucent.
Next you add the oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar and the lime. Wait until it gets to a nice boil and starts foaming.
Be sure to add in a 1/2 cup of water so your sauce will stay nice and liquid.
Taste the sauce and if necessary adjust to your liking. I like it just like this.
When your satisfied with the thickness of the sauce, remove from the stove and let it cool off.

In the mean time, fry your fish fillets until they are nice and golden brown and a little bit crunchy.
Don’t fry them too long as they will become very tough and dry.

Now to serve, you lay your fish on a plate and sprinkle some of the crispy fried shallots and drizzle some of the sauce. Top with some coriander. I always serve a bowl with some more sauce and coriander on the side so people can add more to their liking.

Bon ap!

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