As I mentioned in my previous post about the Hellmanns event I attended, I promised to share with you my favorite recipe. That was and still is the burger from chef Andy D’Amico from 5 Napkin Burger. We all agreed on that one during the event; at least the people sitting around me! This is a burger you should either go and eat at his restaurants in New York or stttt now try yourself at home! I tried to reproduce already and am now sharing it with you guys too! This will create a little peace of Burger Porn on your plate 😉

5napkin Burger Hellmanns

Recipe for the Classic 5 Napkin Burger ~ 4 ppl

900 gram hamburger meat (beef)
4 soft hamburger buns, grilled
100 gr Gruyère cheese sliced
Caramelized onion rings.
120 ml Aioli made with Hellmanns mayonnaise

Divide the meat in to 4 equal portions and turn them in to hamburger patties. Be sure your meat is at room temperature.
Heat the grill and put your patties on the grill till they’ve reached your desired stage (rare, medium or well done).
Melt some gruyere slices on top of the burger patties.
Put the hamburger patty on top of the bottom half of the grilled bun.
Now add some of the caramelized onions on top and some aioli and finish with the top of the bun.

Recipe for Caramelized onions

25 ml olive oil
1,5 onion, sliced into thin rings
Pinch of salt

Heat the olive oil and add in onion rings and salt en cook on medium heat for about 40 minutes.
Be sure to stir the onions every 10 minutes so they don’t burn.
Once they are done they need to have a nice caramel color.

Recipe for Rosemary Aoili  ~ 120ml

5 gr Rosemary leaves
10 gr of garlic, grated
2 ml lemon juice
25 ml olive oil
pinch of salt
75 gr of Hellmanns mayonnaise

Finely chop up the rosemary and mix with the garlic and lemon juice, olive oil and salt till you get a nice smooth paste.
Add in Hellmanns and mix in till everything is combined and you have a smooth sauce.

This was my at home try out and everything was home made. We even made some hamburger buns with help from Nombelina.

hamburger buns home made  hamburger 5 napkin burger at home

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