When I saw the invite for a Cocktail Tuesday at a “boutique” I was triggered. Of course I had all of these images in my mind and a boutique hotel was the first thing that came to mind. I love boutique hotels, so I had pictured this boutique cocktailbar called Admiraliteit even before I checked out the website. The only thing I was right about was the logo being black and white. They managed to give the place a little boutique hotel style with the bar being down stairs and upstairs a nice chique little dinner area.

interior admiraliteit lights admiraliteit

This little pearl in Kralingen Rotterdam owned by Rogier Beijer just opened its doors this summer and it was a little feast I got to enjoy together with Ms Jules and Written By Nick and a lot more lifestyle bloggers. We got welcomed with some crispy fried oysters and a glass of super soft Prosecco. Soon we moved to the bar where the cocktail workshop /tasting hosted by Chi Ho Ta started. Sorry for saying, but some nice eye candy for the girls there. Oh yes.. This tattooed bar tender is a genius. Ask him anything and he knows or he can advice you to get the perfect drink that suits either you or the mood your in. You need to go and experience it your self, but to give you a heads up we got to taste a Pornstar Martini, The Admiral, Zombie, Amaretto sours, a West Indian Tea Punch and a lot more.
Pornstar Passion Martini amaretto sour admiraliteit culinessaAdmiraliteit
The bar has an extensive amount of specials, so he made us taste Naga Chilli Vodka [yes we all tasted it] 250.000 scovilles (the chili scale of hotness, the habanero aka mme Jeannette has 350.000 scovilles to give you an idea) and I am a big fan of lemon grass so when I heard about Bobby’s gin, I just had to get my hands on it and taste it. Nice and peppery citrussy gin..YUM.

IMG_1491tonics and ales culinessabobbys gin culinessabar admiraliteit culinessa
One thing that stuck to my mind is the cocktail that was not on the menu, but Chi Ho Ta still made for us. He said, I am making you guys a little lapsang souchong tea. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was going to be a cocktail. It came in this cute copper kettle and he made us a Fujian Martini. Big Like! So if you go there aks him nicely and who knows you’ll get lucky!

copper kettle serve culinessa
During the cocktail tasting, we got to taste some of the bites that are on the menu. Starting with some duck spring rolls, some tuna takaki and last but not least some little beef burgers. Even though they were little, they were perfectly sized and I was stuffed. As a main dish on the menu they have a New York strip and some chicken breast sliders. Good to know; you can also sit outside. Perfect when the sun is shining and you want to get some drinks and bites.

crispy fried oystersduck spring rolls culinessatuna tataki culinessabeef burgers admiraliteit
My fave drink of the evening was a Tanqueray Gin Gingerbeer! I asked Chi Ho Ta and there is really no recipe for it, but I did manage to get him to tell me what goes in ;). If your really stoked to get your hands and start shaking, I got the tip for the Diffords Guide.
Gin Ginger Beer
Recipe for the Tangueray Gin Gingerbeer by Chi Ho Ta.
50 ml Gin

Ginger beer to your liking. [I like Fever Tree]

Admiraliteit Bar & Kitchen
Admiraliteitsstraat 17b,  Rotterdam

Telefoon: 010 414 27 95
Tip: Martini ‘Monday’ where you can drink Martinis for 5 euros


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