Yes yes, this carrot cake is not your normal one, but with a twist. I can hear you think, what twist is she talking about. Well I am talking  M A Y O N N A I S  E. Yep I used Hellmanns. I got a really nice package sent to me by Hellmanns and it contained everything to bake a carrot cake, but then ofcourse with a little help from Hellmanns Mayo.
IMG 9945 1024x1024 - Carrot Cake with a twist
Normally you make carrot cake with oil and eggs, so basically it comes down to some sort of mayonnaise right? Oh well, I love me a good piece of carrot cake so I couldn’t wait to dig in. I did not make it in the round cake mould, but used a flatter rectangle one. Just to give it a little twist and I thought it would be easier cutting up little pieces. And seriously, it was super nice. Very moist, not too sweet and I added a little something extra to the icing, so it was perfect. Perfect to have a cup of tea and coffee late in the afternoon. I sure made some friends and family happy here. I also had a big laugh having them taste it first and then tell them there was mayo in it. You should’ve seen there faces! Ha! But they admitted loved it too. 

IMG 89461 1024x1024 - Carrot Cake with a twist
Recipe for a moist carrotcake made with Hellmanns

~12 ppl
3 big carrots grated

13 TBsp Hellmanns mayonnaise
175 gr self raising flower
115 gr flower
Pinch of salt
350 gr fine cristal sugar
4 eggs
50 gr walnuts chopped up fineley
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla extract

Heat up the oven to 200 C (180 C convection oven).

Grease up round baking pan (22 cm diameter).
Mix up sugar and eggs. Add in mayonnaise and mix til you get a smooth mixture.
Add in cinnamon and vanilla.
Sif some flower and self raising baking flower and add salt.
Gently scoop in some carrots and walnuts.
Shake your batter to spread evenly.
Pour everything in the batter and bake for about 50 minutes.
Once backed check with a toothpick inserted in center of cake to see if it comes out clean.
If not, put the cake back in for another 10 minutes or so.
Let it cool off completely.
Mixx in all ingredients to make the frosting and evenly spread over cake.
Decorate your cake with grated carrots and lemon zest.

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IMG 8939 1024x665 - Carrot Cake with a twist