Here in Holland we have a great concept called “Koop een Koe” which means buy a cow. Me and the BF always wanted to try it, because we are uberfan off the Lindenhoff . We knew the cows reside there, so high on our wish list. Only thing is, if you place your order, you need to free up a freezer drawer to store all the meat. So it took a while, but the moment was finally there. We were getting our package from Koop een Koe <Y E A H> and we couldn’t wait. Now lets be honest: We l-o-v-e-d it, so I just have to tell you more!

For those of you who don’t mind watching it in Dutch, there is a clip explaining exactly how it works.

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So now back to my adventure. The moment you place your order, they keep you up to date on the whole proces. They inform you on your delivery date and on the day it self, you get an almost exact time of delivery too. I love it, cause that doesn’t keep you waiting at home the whole day for your package to arrive.

The package costs €99,95 and you get 7,5 kg meat for that price. That means 2 people can have 28 meals with this amount of meat. In the package, you’ll get a selection of everything from the cow: from sausages to a nice steak. This cow has been fed with a mix of herbs and grass. This grass is naturally kept, so no artificial products being used. Besides the herbs and grass, the cows get fed wheat, concentrate from beets and  brewers’ spent grain. They only get anti biotics when they really need it and not on a regular basis.

And then, the moment was finally there. Ding dong the doorbell rang and it was time to do a little dance. The meat gets delivered in a nice foam box. They’ve packaged and stickered every piece of meat, so you know exactly what piece it is, how much is weighs and the expiration date.

As we knew the meat would be arriving after dinner, we decided to have some the next day. We kept it simple, but just grilled the meat and added a little bit of salt. Delicious, moist and wow what a flavor bomb. Funny to note that the mini is not a meat eater. She rarely eats meat, but this ladies and gents was a winner. If it was her call, I think she would’ve eaten the whole piece all by her self.

Warning! This meat is high quality, you’ll never want something else. Here at home we decided a few years back that we would rather have less meat, but then high quality instead of meat everyday. Every time I eat such a piece of meat, I am reminded over and over again why this is so damn good.

We’ve got some burgers, steak and sausages left to try. I will keep you posted, because I can’t wait to have some of this yumminess. If you guys tried it, please let me know, as I can’t wait to hear your opinion here!

Oh and good to know: they also offer you the possibility to buy a pig nowadays, called “Koop een Varken

Koop een koe
Order your own package of meat here!
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