In the title I am giving away that it was time for another joint forces cooking session. This time bloggerbabe Sessane from the LionKitchen and myself got together to create some magic together. We had decided to make a lot of dishes, but on the day it self, we decided to keep it simple and make a cauliflower salad and some VFC aka Vietnamese Fried Chicken (inspired by Pho91) with a nice gooey caramelized sauce. Are you drooling yet?

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First we headed to toko Amazing Oriental to get the goodies we needed for these dishes. Second stop Albert Heijn. After that we headed home and had some lunch first. I made us a nice bowl of comforting Pho and after our tummies were very content, we started cooking. Today I share with you the recipe for the VFC and in another post you’ll get the recipe for the Cauliflower salad 😉 I promise. Oh and there is more coming up so be sure to check our blogs.

Believe me when I say you might want to make a double batch, because this is just too damn good.

Recipe for Vietnamese Fried Chicken – Canh Gha Chien

~12 wings
12/ 500 gr chicken wings

White pepper
100 gr of Potato Flour or Maizena
50 gr Thai palm sugar – chopped up fine
120 ml of warm water
2 TBsp of Fish sauce
3 cloves of garlic
1 sprig of Coriander – leaves chopped up
1/4 Spring onion – finely sliced
1 chili pepper – sliced

In a pan, melt your sugar together with fish sauce, water and let it boil and caramelize nicely.
You want the sauce the be liquid so if its too thick,  add some more water. Add 1 TBSp at a time to keep control.
Remove access fat from the chicken wings, wash with water and let it drain.
Season with pepper and a hint of salt.

In the mean time chop up the garlic really fine and fry them golden brown. You should use a spatula and keep the garlic in there and just dip the garlic in the hot oil and remove. Why? Because you don’t want your garlic to burn.
It takes about 3 times of dipping. Drain on a paper towel.
In a bowl, add your potato flour and coat the chicken wings. Don’t add all of them at once, cause this will complicate things.
Fry your wings crispy and golden brown. I fry them on medium heat so they will be cooked through. It takes some time, but you need it. Drain and present on a plate.
To serve, add some coriander leaves, some spring onions and some chili pepper.
At last you pour some of the amazing caramel sauce over the wings and sprinkle some of the crispy garlic on top.

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Vietnamese Fried Chicken