On april 17th, I attended a presentation by BK cookware where they introduced their newest gem, the Royal Dutch oven, initially made for the Chinese market, but gladly they’ll be selling it in the Netherlands too.

We were invited to come and see this special pan at the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam. So I met up with Diede from Your daily dose who was with Nick from Written by Nick. Always nice to see each other in real life after you’ve been following each other digitally for quite a while.

This is what the pan looks like, a beauty don’t you think!Pan and inspirational yunbao
The presentation started and they kicked off with explaining the concept and bringing that to life. I loved the strong symbolic Chinese influences. Amazing! The shape of the pan is inspired on a Yuanbao, back in the days, a Chinese gold method of payment. Nowadays representing wealth and prosperity. The cast iron pan is made of 100% recycled iron and steel. They wanted to leave a little message for the one who cooks with the pan, so on the bottom you’ll find a Chinese expression saying: “Every where in the world people enjoy good food & drinks; let’s enjoy this together! I love the fact that they used a ceramic lid where they hand painted a Pee cock in Delfts blue on it; once again using Chinese symbolism for luck and beauty. On the inside of the lid, they’ve incorporated drops (drop relief called by BK), so when the water evaporates, it falls back into drops keeping your meat or whatever your cooking moist. Once again great detail to everything. They designed the pan with a cast iron pan and a ceramic lid symbolizing Yin and Yang: Yin for its soft serene look and Yang for its male, solid material. They crowned the pan with a decorative knob too. Its amazing to think this is a 100% pure and native Dutch product. From concept to design made in the Netherlands.

The pan is ideal for making stews or to make pot roasts and I believe much more. It is heat resistant up to 300 °C.

And guess what, I won a pan, I did. Lucky me! Look at that piece of perfection standing on my stove here. Can’t wait to share some great recipes with you guys when I’ve used this beauty. I hope to share the dish I ate at the presentation with you guys. Keep you posted on that one. I took some more pictures of the pan so you can have a better look. The pan is quite heavy, so I am happy they put a ceramic lid on it.
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Want one too?

The pan will cost Euro 249 and is now sold by the Porceleyne Fles, part of the Royal Delft group and later this year you’ll be able to find it in other stores like de Bijenkorf.