On June 19th it was world Martini day and exactly on that day Belvedere celebrated and introduced their newest limited edition: Lemon Tea Maceration. A Vodka distilled with tea and lemon that gets its name from a popular summer drink, the famous Lemon ice tea. What better day than world Martini day to toast on this memorable moment at the Pulitzer hotel in Amsterdam.

World Martini Day toast Belvedere

Arriving at the location, it immediately felt like summer as it smelled like lemons all over the place. I then noticed there were actual lemon trees and also the table setting was just too cute. We got the dishes served on plates decorated with an image of Amsterdam [I confess, I am now obsessed in finding out where these plates come from].

We got welcomed with, yes of course, a cocktail and fellow blogger Kelly mentioned it was not too strong, so I took a sip, actually a big sip and bamm that hit me hard. It was the 007 Belvedere made of pure Vodka and a teeny tiny bit of vermouth…so you can imagine the mood was set ;). I quickly sat down to get pampered with an 8 course menu consisting of 4  different Vodka cocktails paired with amazing dishes. Lovely to see how you can actually enjoy Vodka during dinner.

The 007 Belvedere got paired with a wild oyster served with a coulis made of lemongrass, vodka and a cauliflower crème. Wow mouthgasm alert here. At first you take a bite and then you start thinking what is it that I taste? I didn’t know until I read it was the cauliflower crème. Very special. Next up smoked beef marinated in black tea and some marinated mushrooms. After that the Pulitzer Lemon Tea cocktail came with a shrimp cocktail new style: avocado, cucumber, puffed quinoa and a gel made of green tea. We also got served some Babas marinated in chamomile sugar essence with clotted cream and red fruit marmalade. These little cakes just melted on your tongue and at first I thought it would be a sugar bomb, but the chef was able to perfectly balance the sweetness having you long for more. Amazeballs. <note to self, find a recipe; asap!> The Dirty Belvedere came with, OMG,  a Bloody Mary sorbet served with a ceviche from sea bass and fresh ginger and that just made my day. It was such a surprising dish combining all these flavors and then you got the ice cold bloody Mary melting in your mouth together with a fresh piece of fish. Definitely my favorite. A little in between dish was the Watermelon marinated in honey and Vodka. Nice one to remember during BBQ’s this summer. Not difficult and a feast to your eyes. I finished with some fresh Raspberries combined with a jelly made of vodka and roses. Belvedere Vodka Lemon Tea amazed!

007 Belvedere Culinessabelvedere culinessalemons belvedere culinessaamsterdam platese belvedere culinessaoyster belvedere culinessapulitzer lemon teabelvedere watermelonbelvedere bloody maryraspberry jelly belvedere

kelly nessa

I think you guys are now up for a Cocktail too right?

007 Belvedere
50cc Belvedere lemon tea
5cc dry vermouth
Twist of lemon peel

Dirty Belvedere
50cc Belvedere lemon tea
5cc dry vermouth
20cc olive juice (water)
1 green pitted olive

Lemon Tea Gimlet
40cc Belvedere lemon tea
20cc lime juice (Rose’s brand)
Juice of 1/2 fresh lime

And my personal fave the Pulitzer Lemon Tea
30cc Belvedere lemon tea
20cc Passoa
10cc Triple sec
40cc fresh orange juice

You can buy this amazing limited edition for ~ € 45,95 a piece.


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