Today I want to tell you guys about Bar Broei. Very cute little spot in Utrecht. Yes , this is a little gem, very well hidden and perfect for freelancers, students or just to have some food and a drink.

My BF already had lunch there with a group of food bloggers to celebrate it was fair trade week. I wrote a post about it earlier this month.

As he  was super enthusiastic and loved the food he had, I was very curious to try it out myself. We’d been there a few times before, but they were closed both times, so I asked fellow foodie Justine from to join me and have some lunch there. As you enter the place, there is a very relaxed vibe. As mentioned before a lot of freelancers were working there (yes there is free WIFI) or people getting together to have food, something sweet or a cup of coffee or tea.

On the menu you’ll find sandwiches, salads, sweets and snacks. They also have soup and on thursday’s, friday’s and saturdays, between 18h and 20h they have a “dinner special” for less than 10 euros. Also nice to take home are the jams, chutney’s and preserved vegetables and fruits.

We ordered a salad (preserved cabbage, spinach, lentils and a pear mushroom compete served with croutons) and JB ordered yoghurt with muesli and fruit and we drank some tea and a smoothie to wash it doen. As a desert we shared a beet pecan nut cake. Delish! Good to know that they use sustainable products to cook and their products come from small local farmers.
broei lunch nes
bietentaartje broei
Let’s be honest, you just need to go there and enjoy it too, right 😉
broei interieur

Bar Broei
Oosterkade 24, 3582 AV Utrecht
T: 030 373 0005