So I had the pleasure of cooking for seven the other day. I got an email about two weeks ago asking me if I would be up to cook for 7 girls during a bachelorette. The big catch was a Stripper 😉 can one ever say no to such a great incentive! No, I thought it was awesome. I’ve always wanted to know how it would be (cooking on location), so this was a great opportunity to get a taste of the real deal. I said yes, but negotiated my sous chef aka the BF to accompany me for this adventure. All was arranged and we started thinking about the menu. As the bride to be was getting married in Italy, we thought it would be nice to go for an Italian culinary experience. The organizer was very pleased with the menu and headed off to get some nice wines to accompany our menu. The adventure had begun..

The menu we came up with was:

Aperitivo – Capesante Marinate – Marinated scallops
Anti pasti – Vitello Tonato e Bruschetta – Tuna Salad and some Tomato Bruschetta
Primi – Pasta Cacio Pepe – Spaghetti cheese and pepper
Secondi – Tagliata al manzo – Beef Tagliata
Formaggio – Formaggio misti – Cheese platter
Dolce – Sorbetto di Caffe

On the day it self, we bought the final groceries and headed to our cooking destination. There was a market going on in the street where we needed to be, so it took us about 3 times up and down the apartment carrying everything on these wonderful narrow stairs. Oh and yes, the car was parked about 5 minutes away. You get the picture now right. We installed ourselves, put everything in order and then waited for the girls to arrive.

It was not that hard, not that sweaty, but we just had to keep it moving for quite a few hours. Gladly, the girls enjoyed it, they were quite impressed and had a wonderful experience dining at home. Bottom line..we loved it and had a great experience. On to the next …who’s next?

To give you an idea, this is an impression of what we cooked. I completely forgot to document it all..

Capesante Marinate Culinessa Cacio Pepe Culinessa

Recipe for the Capesante marinate – Marinated scallops – serves 6

6 scallops – halved length wise.
Juice of 1 lemon
1 dl of extra vergine olive oil
5 TBsp of Balsamic Vinegar
30 pink pepper corns, crushed
Dash of white pepper
Pinch of salt

Make the marinade and marinate the scallops for about 2.5 hours. Serve as an appetizer.

Buon appetito!