Last tuesday I attended a workshop hosted by Aviko, chef Jeremy Vermolen (known from e.g. the TV program “Robs grote tuinverbouwing”) and Monique van Loon (known from and her latest “the Culy way of life” cook book). Let me tell you how thrilled I was that I got an invite to go to this workshop! Jeah! My blog has only been up and running to the public eye for about 2 months so this was a nice surprise.

Most of the time I make everything from scratch, so I was very curious to see what I would see during the workshop and most important how it would taste. I loved the fact that Jeremy also mentioned that at first he was a little bit sceptic, but got super exited when actually using the products for the first time. After that he created some nice dishes together with Monique van Loon and Aviko. The idea was to create super nice dishes, worthy enough to use for Christmas dinners. You don’t cut down on the quality of the products, nor the taste, BUT you have more time to spent on presentation. He got my attention there and kicked off with a super dish. I looooved it.

Jeremy Vermolen Beach created from Aviko Rosti

He created this little beach made out of Aviko Rosti and some nice shiny silver coloring powder to give it that beachy look. Jeremy topped it with some mussels, razor shell fish and cockles. He quickly cooked these in a light white wine and shallot sauce. To finish of the dish he used some salty finger leafs (a crunchy texture and salty, slightly bitter taste) to give it that ultimate beach flavor. The trick to creating this beach is that you use the Aviko rosti and bake it in the oven on fat free baking paper for an hour on 150 degrees Celsius. By slowly baking the potato it doesn’t change color to much, but becomes super crispy. You then let it cool off and use a food processor to create “sand”. Add a little bit of the silver food coloring powder to get the beach to shine. Taraa your beach is done.

Creating beach with Aviko Rosti  Kokkerellen a la Vanessa

He also demonstrated using a gratin topped with a veal meat ball and decorated it with some golden spray to give it a nice and festive touch. Another dish that was my favorite, was the Tuna gratin. After Jeremy was done demonstrating, it was time for us to go and cook. We split up in to groups preparing different courses.

I got to work with some fellow foodies: Cecile from “de smaak van Cecile“,  Francesca from”Francesca kookt” and Linda from “Lekker eten met Linda“. As we were making the Gratin with tuna, we called ourselves the Tuna girls.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 6.19.23 PM

Gratin with Tuna

2 Aviko Gratins with Emmentaler cheese and cream
Tuna, about 200 gr
Furikake (a dry Japanese condiment meant to be sprinkled on top of rice, we used it to dip the tuna)
2 TBsp Tobiko – we used green and red for that christmas look
Japanese mayonaise
Oyster leaves

Let the Aviko gratins defrost for half an hour so you can cut them horizontally in to two parts. You get two nice rings from about 1.5 cm thick.
Place them on fat free baking paper.
Bake them in a pre heated oven for half an hour on 180 degrees celsius.
Meanwhile you can cut your tuna in thin slices of 1 cm thick and marinate them in olive oil.
Remove the gratins from the oven and place them on a plate.
You can add the tuna around it, so it will slightly cook.
Garnish with some tobiko and some Japanese mayonese topped with oyster leaves.

Furikake magic on Tuna  IMG_20131217_145845

All in all I had a fun day, met lots of nice people and I had a positive experience cooking with the products from Aviko. A little help won’t kill you and it tasted wonderful. I know what I will be having for dinner on xmas.

More recipes are shared on the site of Aviko. Happy experimenting.

Here you can see a video post by Aviko to get a sneak peak of the day.

The pictures in this post were created by the photographer present and myself.