I was able to attend the 6 year anniversary of Earth Concepts and what a little party that was. Not only do they have the Earth Water, familiar to must of us, but they recently added Earth Coffee, Earth Tea and at the party I was able to drink the first Earth Cocktail. Yes you read it right, a perfect cocktail made with some pure Earth Water. They also spoiled us with some good entertainment by Chef’s special and there were so many nice little snacks.

Earth Tea Earth cocktailEarth concepts party
Earlier this month, I received some nice mail, with some samples to test the new tea.

Yeah, happy me, they must have known that the first thing I do in the morning is drink a cup of tea. Actually I drink tea all day long and lots of varying too. I am fan of Jasmine, Mint and Green tea. All kinds of those and then mixed. I am not shy to try a new tea and have a habit of buying new ones that strike to me as interesting. The BF can go bananas on me sometimes as our cabinets are not my personal tea storage. Haha..oke..enough about that.

I wanted to tell you about the Earth tea. Its organic tea from Sri Lanka and they have all kinds of flavors: Mint, Earl Grey, Rooibos, Fruity Green, English Breakfast and Lemon Green.Earth Tea
So what do I think?
As I am a big fan of Pukka, a tea really needs to beat that standard in my head. So I started with making some of the Fruity Green tea for me and for the BF Earl Grey.

When opening the tea, it smelled a little bit artificial, but when I put the tea bag in the glass with hot water, a very Green tea aroma came my way. Wow very strong green tea flavors. This I had not expected. It was definitely a green tea with a hint of fruit flavors. Not to overwhelming, just right. I like the fact that the tea bag is generously filled with lots of tea so I could reuse it easily. Same goes for the Lemon Green. Loved the fact that it was green tea with a hint of lemon.

I also tried the Mint one: very strong minty flavors and I got pretty exited when smelling this. When taking a sip, I could taste the pretty strong mint flavor and it even gave me a bit of a cooling effect inside my mouth. Interesting, but I think I am much more a fan of Green teas.

Glad there is a new addition to the family of tea brands so we have more choice and what I love about Earth concepts is the fact that they donate 100% of the net profit to water projects. Want to know more about these projects, visit their site here.

Help support this good initiative! Drink Earth 😉