Mothers day recipe easy cinnamon rolls

Who knows Yvonne Eikenduijn? She’s the one who’s got the amazing and always inspiring blog YvesTown. If you’ve not been on her site, go and you’ll love it. I also like following Yvonne on Instagram @YvesTown. Always fresh, nice crisp foto’s of her interior and baking.

Last year I interviewed her and I also reviewed her first book Yves Town in the kitchen, now also available in EnglishToday, we talk about two new books she’s just launched: Weekend DIY book and Weekend Breakfast book, only in Dutch at the moment, but hopefully very soon available in English too. 
Yvonne Eikenduijn

I got to be present at the book launch of both books and got spoiled by Yvonne. She even put us to work, but that I had expected. I had so much fun meeting other bloggers in real life and even though you have the feeling you know someone because you follow them online, meeting them in person is a lot more fun. Imagine 15 of us sitting together, chatting the afternoon away. We got served some freshly baked scones and Yvonne challenged our diy ceramic pen skills. Loved it. Don’t you love it how my little piece of art turned out?
scones yvestown
kannetje upside downMelkkannetje Culinessa 
Not bad for a foodie he? I will not reveal much from the two books as I suggest you buy them yourselves or even gift them for mothers day. I am sharing one of the recipes of the Weekend Breakfast book so you guys get a chance to spoil that special mom in your life! Its also a perfect festive breakfast that is super easy to whip up. I made these wonderful cinnamon rolls, but if you want to make them from scratch, have a look at my Cinnabons recipe and get baking!
Kaneelbroodjes vh bakken

Mothers day recipe Cinnamon rolls

1 pack croissant dough (6 croissants)
50 gr melted butter
3 TBsp brown caster sugar
2 TBsp cinnamon

In a bowl mix the cinnamon and sugar.

Be sure your butter is melted.
Roll out the croissant dough and make sure you press the perforations firmly so you seal them.
Try to do this as tightly and firm as possible otherwise they’ll break while baking.
Evenly spread the butter on top of the dough and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on top.
Now roll the dough firmly and cut up in two parts. 
Cut up the parts in half again, so you’ll end up having 4 buns.
Bake them in a preheated oven at 175C for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Kaneelbroodjes afgebakken

Weekend Ontbijtboek  en Weekend DIY boek