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My sis, the Fake Asian (yes she blogs too ;)) just got back from having lived in China. It was time to celebrate that she was back and a few Whatsapp messages later, we decided to have dinner at Bak Restaurant. We were all getting super exited and couldn’t wait to get there till the moment came that I was updating my iPhone and lost a few interviews. guessing right, I did not have a backup. AT ALL. Then I logged in to WordPress and did something stupid and permanently lost those interviews. AUCH, I had tried everything, but could only go back to factory settings. M E N T A L, but lesson learned and then gladly it was time to to get ready for dinner. 
bak logo bak binnenkomst
Once arrived at BAK, it was a little challenging finding the entrance; where was that door bell and how do we get in?! Gladly, we got in and then we spotted the elevator and arrived at the restaurant. Time for a Gin Tonic by now to let go of everything happening with my interviews and backup earlier. Lets enjoy dinner!

At the first course I got so happy just seeing the food that it made my misery fade a little. We had an amazing dinner, each of them a feast to the eyes. Really, yes! They really pampered the mini and they were very accommodating. They even made her a special dessert because she’s got some allergies. Top service I’d say.

Like I said before, all the dishes were a feast to the eyes. The edible flowers really added something extra. We began with an amuse of water melon, got a zucchini pistache mouse after, egg plant asian style, fish and an incredible desert. The dishes really stuck to my memory are the slowly cooked eggplant in mirin and soy sauce (I have to try making this myself!) and the smoked ice cream. Yes, you read it right, smoked! And honestly I am not a big fan of ice cream, but this I could’ve easily had another one. Finally we got little madeleines with our coffee and teas and my oh my, those were superb. Too bad we only got one a person, cause I sure wanted another one!

Let me know if you’ve been and how you experienced your evening there!
bak amuse watermeloen bak courgette gerechtje
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bak aubergine bak gerookt ijs
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Bak Restaurant
Van Diemenstraat 410

1013 CR Amsterdam
0031 20 7372 553



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