Divine pasta sauce with tomato, fennel and rosemary

Believe me when I say, that this divine pasta sauce with sausages and fennel is something you’ll be craving for ever. I always look forward to eating this dish. I had it for the first time while being on holiday in Maderno. A beautiful town near the Garda Lake. It was about two years ago where we had dinner at Trattoria San Carlo (they don’t have a website unfortunately, but if you Google them, it pops up immediately). It was the most delicious gnocchi with ragù I have ever had. Seriously! The ragù made of sausages, fennel and rosemary just melted on your tongue. I wished we could’ve eaten there everyday, but the place was just too popular. They were booked the complete length of our stay. I just couldn’t get this dish out of my head and while walking on the market the next week, I saw a perfect sausage. I bought some rosemary and off we went in to the kitchen. It was such a succes, that I knew, this one is a keeper. Important to know, when using fennel sausages don’t use the fennel I use in my recipe. It will become too much otherwise. Also, the better the quality of your sausages, the better the outcome of this dish.

Recipe Ragù with sausages and fennel

~4 ppl

1 TBsp olive oil
1 medium onion – chopped up finely
400 gr sausages -I used Mr Kitchens Butch & Dutch Chives & Pepper

150 ml Milk
150 ml Red Wine – ik used a Rufo do Vale D.Maria 2011
500 gr Passata di pomodoro – tomato puree
1 tsp fennel seeds – mashed
Salt and pepper
1 TBsp Sugar
1 Rosemary sprig
Parmesan Cheese

Start by cutting up your sausages and removing the skin. Make “ground meat” of it.

In a pan, add in olive oil and chopped up onions.
When they are translucent, add in the ground meat and keep chopping the meat up in to smaller pieces. 
When the meat is cooked, add in milk and wait until it has completely evaporated.
Now add in the red wine and also wait for it to completely evaporate.
Add the mashed fennel seeds and stir mixing it in.
Add the passata and the same amount of water, sugar and the rosemary sprig.
Let it simmer on low heat and stir every now and then.
Season with salt and pepper.
If your sauce is too thick, add in a little bit of water.
Serve with al dente cooked pasta and some parmesan cheese.

Please let me know if this recipe was a succes in your homes too! 

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