Kale Caesar Salad

Sometimes you just come up with something and can’t get it out of your head until you’ve made it. Thats what happened with me with this Kale Caesar Salad. I had a lunch the other day at Nacional in Amsterdam and there I ordered a classic Caesar salad. It just stuck to my mind and last week walking in the Albert Heijn, I knew it. I was making me some Kale Caesar salad. You must be feeling me, otherwise you would not be reading this post. Ha got you there, right! 

So I went to research a little bit how this works and decided, I would be making it with some grilled chicken too, thus making it a real meal, rather than a salad. I also was going to make my own croutons to and I needed some yolk porn. 

I attended a lovely christmas dinner from the Lion Kitchen and Parrano the other day where we got a bag of Parrano cheese flakes so I am using those in this recipe as we still follow the #nowaste rule here in this household. Instead of making the classic Caesar salad dressing with olive oil and egg yolks, I thought I’d just use some good old Hellmanns.

Recipe for a Kale Caesar Salad 

~ serves 4
150 gr Kale
8 TBsp of Mayonnaise (I used Hellmanns)
2 cloves Garlic
2 TBsp Anchovies fillets (about 4)
2 tsp  Mustard
4 TBsp Lemon juice
Salt and pepper
4 soft boiled Eggs 
4 Chicken thigh filets
Parmigiano cheese (I used Parrano flakes)

Cut up two slices of bread and place them on an oven tray.
Drizzle them with some olive oil and salt and bake the croutons for about 10 minutes on 175 C.
In the meantime make your dressing.
In a mortar add the anchovies fillets and garlic and use a pestle to bash in to a paste. 
Transfer to a bowl and add in mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.
Mix wel until you got a somewhat smooth dressing.
Boil your eggs so you get them soft and lots of yolk porn.
Season chicken thigh fillets with salt and pepper and grill them. 
Cut them up in strips.
Take the kale (before dressing with sauce you can blanch it if you want) and bit by bit dress with the sauce.
Not too much, start with a little and keep adding more until you get to your desired amount of dressing vs kale.

Serve with an egg, the grilled chicken, croutons and parmigiano flakes.

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