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What a big treat I got the other day. Let me tell you how it all began. I got an invitation to have lunch at Japanese restaurant Izakaya situated in the Sir Albert hotel. As my sister had just returned from living abroad, I thought it would be nice to share some quality time with her and invited her on this culinary adventure. Gladly she said yes and off we were to have lunch.

I don’t even know where to begin, but the fact that we had lunch for about 3 hours should say enough right?! We enjoyed ourselves, talked for hours, discussed the different little pieces of magic served and chatted away with sweet Kinza spoiling us rotten. Great sevice, great food, great atmosphere and what detail for Japanese design! Love love love..I think I’m in l o v e. Hihi, don’t let the BF hear me on this one.

So as it was a bit cold we started with a nice cup of tea and slowly but surely the dishes came our way. Kinza, our waitress, was so nice to build up on the menu and taking our wishes into account.

Actually I really loved everything, so its hard, but if I really have to choose and tell you guys, these were my favorites: Presentation wise, I just cannot choose. Bit by bit foodporn came to the table and gave a little feast to the eye and pleasure to the stomach. In terms of flavor, I’d have to say the Sashimi Izakaya style with Yuzu Soy was my absolute favorite. It reminded me of the steamed Chinese fish I have at home and that is made with ginger and scallions. Really nice and technically cooked so you wouldn’t even see that it got cooked up front. Another favorite was the Uramaki California roll, but then ladies and gents with real crab. Oh yes! I was in love. The sweet flavor of the crab and the rice that was cooked to perfection. I even tried to film it for you guys, Matt Preston would be proud. Perfectly cooked rice that still radiated the rays of light. Amazing! And it got served with real grated wasabi root, no paste! Of course, after making Crispy Rice with Salmon myself, I just had to try the Crispy Tuna. Presentation wise this was just a big winner. And it tasted really good. Loved it and completely different from my own go at it.

When we thought we just couldn’t have more, another waiter suggested we try the fried Oyster. YUM and stuffed and couldn’t say a word. Still Kinza convinced us to have a dessert, so we went and had a Cappuccino Brulee with whisky foam and coffee meringue. My oh my, what a treat. Really something different. Kudos to the chef! 

I loved it so much, I will be back for my bday soon. Check out the foto report and tell me what you guys think?

Izakaya tea 2

sashimi izakaya
Octopus Jalapeno

Oyster Filo
Brulee Cappucino

Albert Cuypstraat 2-6
1072 CT Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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