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So, as my blog celebrates its 1 year anniversary this week and I have been interviewing a lot of foodies, food inspirators, chefs, crafts men and you name it, I thought it would be nice to give you an idea about me and my culinary adventures.

Why I started this blog?
In October 2013 I started Culinessa and you can read all about that in this post here. Basically I thought it would be nice to have one place where friends and family and mainly my mini can find all of my recipes. I also think it is nice for the mini to read everything that went on culinary wise in our household while she grew up.

Why so passionate about food?
I don’t even know where to start…I think about food, good food that is, the whole day. Even when I am eating and enjoying my current meal, I can’t wait to think about the yumminess that might be on my plate in the next couple of hours. Oh and I am addicted to watching anything food related and I love social media to keep me inspired. My mom would always say Vanessa is very picky, but has her favorites. In Dutch we would say “lekkerbekje”. Can you believe that I was the most difficult eater growing up hahaha, but because I am Surinamese and our culinary palette is quite divers, I did grow up eating lots of different foods from different cultures and every year when it was my bday I came up with another theme. So one year we would have a Mexican themed bday dinner or we would do tapas, Chinese or Surinamese.

Who learned me how to cook?
Growing up in a Surinamese house hold, you get spoiled quite a bit. Cooking was never something I did when I lived at home. My mom didn’t want any “pottenkijkers”. So it all started with me meeting my BF who loved to cook. He would come up with a meal, go to the Lindenhoff and bought his groceries there and I would get spoiled. When we moved in together, he promised me he would do the cooking. Slowly but surely I started to help him cut stuff while he was cooking and now things have reversed. I do the cooking on a day to day level and depending on the dish, one of us is the chef and the other one the sous chef. Its still our thing to cook together, we love it.

Where do you I get inspiration from to cook?
As mentioned before, I am obsessed with food, so it could be a trip, a dinner at a friends home, cookbooks, magazines, tv programs, something I see online, eating out, restaurant websites, Pinterest oh and I am a big fan of Instagram. Also different festivities or holidays through out the year also give you a direction in things that you cook.

My favorite cookbook?
Without a doubt David Thompson, Thai Food. Its a cookbook made with a silk outside and the pictures are fabulous. The book helps you to cook authentic Thai food and thats why I like it. I want the food that I make at home taste as authentic as the locals would be making in their homes.

My favorite cuisine?
At the moment its def Vietnamese food, Thai Food and Italian. But then again it really depends on my mood and what I am craving.

My  fave Meal?
As mentioned above, it really depends on my mood. I can get just as exited eating a burger as I am eating freshly caught fish or a good piece of steak or freshly made pasta. If I have to name a dish it would be pasta a lo scoglio, perfectly fried fritto misto and a good Barolo wine next to it.

Most memorable moment in the kitchen (good or bad)?
Basically it comes down to cooking with my BF. He is the one who made me the passionate foodie I am today and whenever we have parties or friends over, need to cook somewhere, we always do it together. We have come to a natural agreement that whoever masters a dish is the chef and the other naturally becomes the sous chef. We had to cook during a bachelorette earlier this year and after a little bit of tension and agreeing that it was my call how we would do things, no arguing in front of the guests. Gladly we rocked it and the girls never knew we sweated of our asses.   

Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to food? Tell us
Ooh I love American salted butter popcorn, warm milk with Oreo cookies, Ben and Jerrys New York Fudge Chunk and the little tartelettes from Petit Gateau. I guess I have phases. 

Which 3 ingredients would we always find in your home?
Besides the normal onions, garlic and olive oil, I’d say parmesan cheese, oyster sauce and ginger.

You can always wip up something nicely with parmesan cheese and in the Asian kitchen, oyster sauce and ginger are married. Anything cooked with those two things is a winner!

My master dish?
Ooff this is hard, have a look at my recipe overview and choose one 😉

My ultimate  culinary destination?
There are so many places I still want to visit, Japan, Mexico and Vietnam are on my top 3 list. But as I am a foodie, a road trip in the Toscane is on my wish list too and ooh eating in San Sebastian is a little dream of me and the BF. There are so many michelin star restaurants there and apparently quite affordable.

Culinary bucket list?
 A culinary workshop at Le Cordon Bleu

– Financial freedom to travel countries and discover their culinary heritages
– Cooking with chefs more often
– A TV program where I cook and interview chefs
– Write a cook book one day 😉

My hotspots?
Of course I share with you my little gems here, but if someone asks me what my hotspots are:

I’d say Gartine for lunch, Kaiko for Sushi, Rijsel Rotisserie a returning favorite, C’est Ca never disappoints, Yauatcha in London for Dim Sum, the Beef Chief for a burger, Bakers and Roasters for breakfast and for my Vietnamese cravings I’d say Pho 91. Man depending on my mood we could go on and on! 

If you want to know what my Asian favorites are, have a look at the mini interview I did on the site of Delicious Magazine

What other interests do you have we don’t know?
I am a big fan of Photography, but have too little time to really go in to dept and learn. I guess when I am older and wiser 😉 Oh and I have a big make up fetish. Bobbi Brown is my guru. Hide your flaws, bring out your best assets and highlight them in a natural way.

Fave quote?
You only get to live once, so make it a good one!

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