Cookbook Tarte tatin and my baking challenge

OK confession, for those of you following my blog, know that I am no baking queen, but still I do want to master a few classics. I’ve been making the best madeleines ever. At least thats what I thought. The BF  does spoil us with a delicious apple tart en we know how to rock the classic Tarte tatin too. A while ago I received the cookbook Tarte Tatin from Unieboek het Spectrum. Supposedly a true baking bible. Of course I immediately checked out the recipes and to be honest, I got scared. Pretty damn scared because I had the feeling that this was a cook book for the more experienced baker. So I put it away for a few weeks, but I was just too damn curious to let it slide. I selected a few goodies I wanted to make and took on a little baking challenge with myself. Why should I feel intimidated? Hello!! cookbooks are supposed to help you not scare you! Time for my bake off.

madeleines tarte tatin

In the end I am really happy that I dared and the BF and mini didn’t complain either. Our house was filled with nice sweet smells and we enjoyed the treats together. I started with making Butter Biscuits for the mini who is not allowed to have egg. Our cookie jar was almost empty at the end of the day, so I’d say they were a big hit. As a little extra I sprinkled some sugar on top before baking. The next recipe I made were the yummy Madeleines. I always thought I knew how to make the best Madeleines, but actually those are called Financiers. Why? Because they contain almond flower and madeleines don’t. Learned something new ;). The third recipe I made was the Quick Brioche. I loooove me some Brioche, so the moment I laid my eyes on “quick + brioche” I knew I would be making it.

biscuits de beurre

madeleines tray tarte tatin
The cookbook Tarte tatin is divided in different sections: the basics, pastries and cakes, profiteroles and tartares, cookies, pudding, desserts by famous chefs (it also contains the recipe of a warm cheesecake by  Master Patissier Robert van Beckhoven) and a handy dictionary.

For me as a newbie in baking, I really liked the fact that they also describe what can go wrong when making a specific recipe. Gladly, none of the recipes I made failed, so mission accomplished. I am no longer afraid and will bake a lot more from this Cookbook Tarte Tatin. On my to do list still:
– Classic Brioche
– Hazelnut tiles (tuiles aux noisettes);
– Tarte Tatin;
– Jam Galette.

On my Facebook page I asked you guys which recipe you guys wanted me to share on my blog. The winner was the Quick Brioche, so I am sharing that with you guys today. We enjoyed a breakfast with a nice thick layer of fig jam.
snelle brioche

Recipe for a Quick Brioche 

~ serves 6
butter for greasing

175 gr flower
1 TBsp of baking powder
175 ml creme fraiche
2 eggs whisked
30 gr of sugar
1 1/2 tsp of salt

Heat up the oven to 180 C and lightly butter a 900 grams brioche mold or loaf tin.
Mix up flower and baking powder and add the creme fraiche too.
Add one of the whisked eggs and add in sugar and salt.
Mix till you get a nice soft dough.
Add the dough to your brioche mold.
Glaze your brioche with the remains of the whisked eggs.
Bake for 45 minutes or until your brioche is golden brown.

Bon Ap!

If you want to see more recipes, check out the picture overview here. If your more of a recipe index person, no worries, just go here!

Tarte Tatin: de beste recepten van de Franse patissier van Ginette Mathiot
Unieboek het spectrum
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