Summer is here! Coconut popsicle nostalgia

Rise and shine all! I woke up with the weather being absolutely gorgeous and what better way to start your summer with right? I love it! Hot weather and sunshine brings me in a tropical mood. So  I want to have lots of BBQs and sometimes we finish off the bbq with some ice cream from Roma here in Utrecht. My favorite flavors are hazelnut and coconut!

The other day I was thinking of my homecountry Suriname and remembering the times when I was a little girl in primary school and when school was finished, there was this lady who sold us ice cream from the back of her car. COCONUT ice cream to be specific. She would sell it in plastic bags and you would bite a little whole in it and start enjoying the refreshing coconut sweet ice.  I just couldn’t get it off my mind, so I woke up today thinking I am making this. PERIOD. I hope you enjoy and have a happy summer all!

ice cream culinesa

Recipe for Coconut Popsicles

400 ml coconut milk
1/4 tsp of salt
2 TBsp of brown sugar (full scoops)
1/2 tsp of almond extract (amandel essence)
50 ml of water
[pandan paste optional]

In a pan heat up the coconut milk and add in the rest of the ingredients.
Taste while stirring and add in more of the ingredients to your liking.
Let it cool and transfer to your popsicle molds.
Freeze and enjoy away!

Tip: If you like pandan flavor, add in a few drops of pandan paste to create an asian type of popsicle.

pandan flavored popsicle culinessa