Chinese Fried Rice

As it was my moms bday the other day, we had Chinese again. This triggered me to write this post. My moms parents have a Chinese heritage, so for me it was more than normal having home made Chinese food. Not always, but mostly my mom would spoil us on the 1st of January with a lot of food. Chinese Food. She would also cook us “Chinese White Chicken” with some greens on the side, Chow Mein with mixed meat, veggies and sweet and sour fish. This dish is a classic to us; I hope you like it! Basically you can vary just how you like it. Add more shrimp, add chopped up kai lan instead of peas. Use Fa Chong (lap cheong)  instead of Char Siu. I like it pretty simple. You can eat it either just like this or you can serve it as a part of a number of dishes. When you get it right, this dish is amazing. I love the flavors coming together, subtle but still a pretty awesome sensation.

Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese Fried Rice – Yeung Chow Chao Fan – serves 4


Rice for 4 people – cooked, preferably one night before.
3 Spring Onions – chopped up finely.
1 medum carrot – finely chopped into little cubes
150 gr Peas, frozen are ok, but defrost them first.
200 gr Char Siu (store bought) – finely chopped into little cubes
250 gr Tiger Shrimps
3 Eggs lighly beaten with a teaspoon of Corn starch
A dash of White pepper
4 TBsp of Light soy sauce
2 chopped spring onions, green part only
A dash of sesame oil

In a bowl, whisk your eggs with the cornflower until mixed completely.
Heat up a wok and use 2 TBsp of oil to scramble your eggs and set aside.
In your wok, add 1 TBsp of oil and add in your spring onions and fry until fragrant and add in the shrimps until they are just cooked.
Its now time to add your scrambled eggs and the rice and stir well combining all ingredients on high heat for about a minute or two.
When your done doing that, add in the carrots and the peas. Keep on stirring wel. Its all about getting your flavors to mix well.
Add in your char siu and mix well.
Season with the soy sauce, white pepper, chopped spring onions and you can now add in a dash of sesame oil as well.
Taste and add some more seasoning if desired.

Close up fried rice

Mànmàn chī

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