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My brother in law celebrated his bday and invited us to join him for a dinner at restaurant Amberes. Lucky us. Before deciding where we were going to eat, my BF and his brother looked up a bunch of alternatives on IENS. After reading reviews, we decided it would be Amberes. Expectations were set, so we were very curious to see if they would be able to match them. Especially since we broke a rule and not go to our favorite restaurant in Utrecht. In another post I will talk about that.

As we entered the restaurant, we were welcomed by a friendly lady who took our coats and brought us to our table. Getting something to drink on the table was the next thing we did; starting with some bubbles.

As they work with a set menu, the only control you get is ¬†choosing how many courses you want and they ask you if you really don’t like something on your plate. The concept is all about surprising.

We decided to go for the 4 course menu: Menu Modern Passe. This was a big party, not only on our plate and in our glasses, but also in terms of service. Great food, even artistic to some point. The chef and his team cook with a big amount of love. Oh and did I tell you that they only use organic stuff.

If you want to celebrate in style, Amberes is your place to go. We’ve got a new addition to our short list.

I am so bummed that my pictures turned out crappy, except for one, our dessert. It was a combination of ginger and pumpkin ice cream..fantastic end to a 4 course meal.

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Watch a short clip on this restaurant here.

Burgemeester Reigerstraat 29
3581 KK Utrecht

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