2nd Foodblogswap: Potstickers

Foodblogswap potstickers jiauzi gyoza

So, I decided I would be joining the foodblogswap again this month and I was assigned the blog of Jacqueline from http://www.thermomixrecepten.com/. You need to understand, Jacqueline uses a thermomix for almost ALL of her recipes. Like 90%. Squeak. It got to me..how in the world was I going to cook something from this blog. No thermomix. As a matter of fact never heard of this machine either. The first thing I did, was spit through this blog and see what types of recipes were listed. A variety of everything all using recipes for this machine. Auch. Oke..so after doing some research of my own, I now know that you can do almost everything with this machine ecxept fry and bake.

Oke now back to the swap. Jacqueline loves to cook all these different cuisines, but I got exited when seeing her love for the Asian kitchen or in her words the Oriental kitchen. I decided to make Jacquelines dim sum dumplings recipe, because here at home we are addicted to potstickers also known as Chinese jiaozi or the Japanese gyoza. I cheated a little bit, because a while ago I bought some potsticker sheets and when I saw this recipe I thought this would be the perfect occasion to use them. Taraa problem solved. The only thing I needed to then do is use the filling recipe. No problem there.

Chinese Potstickers – Jiaozi

# 20 Store bought pot sticker wrappers

For the filling:
125 gr half minced beef and half minced pork (U will need it as your filling will be to dry if you don’t )
75  gr shrimp
2 spring onions
1 small clove of garlic
2 cm ginger, pealed and crushed
2 TBsp of sherry (I used Shaoxing wine)
2 TBsp soy sauce
1 tsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of salt
small bowl with a mixture of some flower and water
I omitted the fish sauce as this did not seem Chinese to me.

For the dipping sauce:
4 TBsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1 red chillis chopped up
1 TBsp of roasted sesame seads

Ofcourse Jacqueline uses her thermomix to make the whole dish, but as I was doing this by hand, I had to change the method completely. Here you find my version of this recipe. I also looked up this dish in one of my favorite cook books Fuchsia Dunlop, Every grain of rice and changed it a little bit.

You crush the ginger and place it in a little bowl with just enough water to cover it.
First start by chopping up your shrimp fine enough to get a sort of minced meat. Add it to a bowl and set aside.
Now add the pork mixture to the shrimp meat. I used my hand blender to get my meat nice and minced.
Chop the garlic and the spring onions and add them to the pork/shrimp mixture.
Add sherry, soy sauce, sesame oil and salt.
Also add in 1 Tbsp of  the ginger water you made earlier.
Mix everything well and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

In the mean time set a large pan of water to boil.
Fill a small dish with some cold water.
Lay a dumpling wrapper in your hand and use about 1 Tbsp of pork/shrimp mixture in the middle.
Dip your finger in the dish with flower water and wet all the edges of the wrapper.
Seal the wrapper with with some pleats. I used a special gyoza moulder.
Lay a dumpling on a tray or large plate.
Continue to do so with the rest of the dumplings until your out of filling.

You can either steam the dumplings or boil them in water and cook them 4/5 minutes. Be sure not to have your water constantly boiling, so add a cup of cold water every now and then. This way the dumplings won’t fall apart.

I used some roasted sesame seeds and spring onions and served it with the dipping sauce.

If you liked this recipe, be sure to check out my other Chinese recipes.

Chinese potsticker1

Hanneke, from “Thuiskok” was assigned to my blog. I am curious to find out what she made. Can’t wait!