About a month ago, I was invited to come and speak at an inspirational session during International Women’s Day at Tori Oso. That was a lot of fun and we got a little thank you for attending. That Thank you was this amazing cake pop from SugarLips Cakes. It was moist and yummy, but then again red velvet is a winner most of the times.
IMG 2511 1024x1024 - 030 Tip! SugarLips Cakes opening a shop
I got curious to see who made this yumminess and checked out Instagram and saw a beautiful account with lots more yumminess. It even said that they won The Dutch Wedding Awards in 2014 and that got me even more curious. I contacted them saying I wanted to know more about them and got an email back telling me they were opening a shop.

IMG 1280 1024x776 - 030 Tip! SugarLips Cakes opening a shop
I visited their studio and met with the lovely Tammy Trinh (born and raised in the US and who went to The French Culinary Institute of New York) and her husband Luc Reichert. Tammy has always been very passionate about baking and besides loving pretty things and good quality food, decorating is a big strength. 

What a passionate couple! Tammy is the one doing the creative side of the business and Luc makes sure business wise everything rolls smooth. Funny note, Luc bakes cakes too. I kid you not. Sometimes during tastings people ask who made the cake and then its Luc. They can’t believe it, but its true. Tammy always decorates the cake on the outside!

Tammy specializes in wedding cakes, and not just your average wedding cakes, but very beautiful cakes that taste amazing. Besides that, I am happy to announce that they are opening a shop where you can go and get some sweet stuff like cake pops, cupcakes, macarons, brownies, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and a lot more. 
IMG 1269 1024x713 - 030 Tip! SugarLips Cakes opening a shop
IMG 1254 683x1024 - 030 Tip! SugarLips Cakes opening a shopIMG 1261 683x1024 - 030 Tip! SugarLips Cakes opening a shop
I had the chance to taste some of her goodies and let me tell you not to sweet, super moist cupcakes, cake pops and macarons. The one that stuck to my mind where the cupcakes made with coconut and frosted with a buttercream made of passion fruit. So fresh and you could taste the passion and love. For me its just as important that a cake looks good, but tastes good too. No compromise there and SugarLips cakes did not disappoint. I will be back.

IMG 1275 1024x815 - 030 Tip! SugarLips Cakes opening a shop
The shop will open this friday on and you can all go and enjoy some of this yumminess. It will be open Thursdays-Saturdays from 12:00-18:00. Make sure you keep an eye on their Instagram (@sugarlipscakes) and Facebook for weekly flavors and promotions!
IMG 3612 1024x990 - 030 Tip! SugarLips Cakes opening a shop

SugarLips Cakes
Jansveld 49
T: +31620423402