PORTO een port avontuur

Portugal heeft me om één of andere reden nooit echt getrokken en port was altijd zo een oude mensen drankje dat me niet kon bekoren. Beiden heb ik jaren links laten liggen, maar boy oh boy ben ik ff van gedachten veranderd zeg. Ik mocht namelijk voor CuliNessa het Port Wine Day Festival bezoeken en […]

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the Curaçao diaries

So I don’t even know where to start as Curaçao is like my second home. Why? Because my mom was born and raised there, so a lot of family still resides there. We almost go there every year as my grandmother lives there and we want her to see the mini as much as possible. […]

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Lunch @ Lombardos

It all began with my colleague explaining to me the perfect date in Amsterdam: First you have a burger at Lombardos, then you go and treat yourself to a nice gelato from Fior di Gelato and finish it off with the best espresso they also serve. Today we finally made it to Lombardos. It has been […]

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