Classic Artichoke Recipe adventure

The mini sure knows how to surprise me every now and then. The BF made us artichokes last year and she had them for the first time. She couldn’t stop eating and was really enjoying them. So cute to see. That resulted in her eating half of my portion whenever I ordered it in a restaurant. 

Not so long ago, I had dinner at one of my fave 030 restaurants called C’est Ca, and I got an artichoke as a main course. She ate half of it, again! That got me thinking, if she loved it so much, why did I never make it at home? Time to start the adventure, we bought some fresh ones and I kindly asked the chef from C’est Ca for the recipe. He gave me his little tips and tricks and now after trying and L O V I N G it I can share it with you too. 

It seriously is not that difficult, so don’t be afraid to try yourself.
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Classic Artichoke Recipe

4 Artichokes

2 TBsp Lemon juice
2 tsp Mustard
2 TBsp Mayonnaise
1 tsp Lemon juice

Start by peeling off the crazy and small leafs at the bottom of the artichoke.

Cut of the top about 1 cm, open up the leafs and rinse well till clean.
With a peeler, peel the outer stem and cut off till about 1/2 cm from the bottom. Your artichoke will not move when placing it on a plate now.
Rubb the bottom of the artichoke with a lemon to prevent it from changing color.
In a pan, boil enough water with the lemon juice to cook the artichokes.
It will take about 30 minutes for the artichokes to cook and you know they are done once you can take out a leaf without any difficulty.
Drain and serve warm with the mustard mayo.
You’ll make the mosterd mayo by mixing the mayonnaise, mustard and lemon juice.

How to eat?
Pull out the leafs and one by one dip them in the mustard mayo and scrape of the bottom “meaty part” on the inside of the leaf.

In the end you won’t have edible leafs and then its time to dig in for the heart.
Try to remove the small leafs until you’ll reach the “hay”. Remove all of it.
Once removed, the artichoke heart will become visible too.
Dip it in some sauce and eat away!

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