Friday fun food platter

Every friday we watch the Voice of Holland and I love to come up with nice things to snack while we watch the show. The mini is allowed to stay up a little longer as she absolutely loves watching it. Real quality time for me and the BF. She loves to dance, while we need to be quit, because she can’t hear it otherwise. So a lot of laughing goes on too. 

Some days we have fried snacks, like Loempia’s, fried wonton’s or shrimps. Sometimes we have dips and spreads, but today we are having a little meat and cheese platter aka Friday fun food platter.

Friday fun platter lidl

Like what you see? Scroll down to find out which products I used and how you can turn your friday in to a delicious TGIF party too.

The Lidl started selling products from their luxury line called Delicieux and some of my favorite products are pictured below. Normally I go there to get some of their luxury fresh pizzas and I am fan of the Formaggio one. Whenever they have vanilla pods (they sell the most moist vanilla pods) I rush there too. I recently heard that they are selling great quality cocoa powder too, so I just have to get me some of that too.

What products from the Lidle Delicieux line did I use to create this platter:

– Freshly baked bread from the Lidl
– Fenegriek Cheese – cut into cubes
– Mature Cheese – cut in to cubes
– Jamon Iberico de Bellota
– Brabantse Ham
– La Rougelle Salami
– L’Amourelle Salami

Now if this is not luxury for everyone then I don’t know 😉 Easy does it!

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