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So this time it was quite a busy month for me so I almost forgot to do the “Foodblogswap”. Yes almost, because I did not forget. This month I got assigned to the blog of ThuiskokWhen I saw the name, I thought, hey I think Hanneke cooked from my blog before. So I checked and yes, she made the Thai fish cakes from my blog in februari. Really funny. So now it was my turn to cook from her blog.

I noticed something changed as Hanneke is not the only one who’s cooking. Her sister Jolien joined the blog and now they both post on the blog. After taking a good look on the site, I finally decided what I would be making. It was not exactly the recipe that she made, but it deff inspired me to make this recipe. So in my opinion that counts as a swap too right 😉

On Thuiskok I saw Cucumber Stars with egg and turned them in to my version, a cucumber egg salad snack. Which is completely different haha. Instead of making an omelette, I decided to do a salad and give it a little Asian twist.

cucumber egg salad snacks

Recipe for Cucumber egg salad snack

~15 snacks

15 x 2mm slices of Cucumber

15 little rounds of brown bread / crackers
1 Egg – hard boiled
2 TBsp of Mayonnaise [I use Hellmanns]
1/2 tsp of Wasabi paste
salt and pepper
15 little leaves of Coriander

First you boil your egg until its hard. Then rinse with cold water.
Take of the shell and remove the egg yolk and put in a little bowl.
Chop up the rest of the egg whites as fine as possible and put in the bowl with the egg yolk.
Add the mayonaise, wasabi paste and season with salt and pepper. 
Now start grilling your little bread rounds (I made stars shaped ones this time) on both sides. 
Once your done doing that you can put it all together.
Start with a piece of bread, then add the cucumber to it, spoon a little bit of the egg salad on top.
Finish off with the coriander leaf and a little dash of Sriracha.
These cucumber egg salad snacks are perfect for parties or just as a little snack during the weekends.

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